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Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Sunday Post

Hi all!

I hope you've all had a wonderful week in Blogland and that all our friends over the water had a lovely Thanksgiving. In Australia, we've just hit our first week of Summer and can already tell it's going to be a hot one - so you can bet we'll be spending the next few months camped under our air conditioners reading snow-themed books for the Winter Challenge and fantasising of a white Christmas. It's a common dream here in Aus to want to experience a white Christmas in a crisp, cold climate. I wonder though, do people living in the Northern Hemisphere dream of escaping to the sunshine at Christmas time? Do you imagine what Santa would look like in a pair of board shorts?

You can expect this week on Royals to be as HOT as an Aussie Summer as we review some of the best shape-shifter/paranormal novels the fiction world has to offer. Shifter Week will feature temperature-raising reviews by Queen of Second Chances, Moody Countess and Empress of Good and Evil and is sure to be one for Team Jacob fans (and who isn't Team Jacob?).

We've now finished posting all our challenges - and my were there a few of them! We hope that there will be one or two that everyone will enjoy. Some of these have found a new home on Royal Reviews after making their way from J.Kaye's Book Blog, some are all new and others are Royal Review favourites.

Here's a list of the challenges we're running on Royals in 2010:

- 1st in a Series Challenge
- The 2nd Challenge
- Audiobook Challenge
- EBook Challenge
- Fantasy Challenge
- Finish that Series Challenge
- Wish I'd Read That Challenge
- Historical Fiction Challenge
- Romance Challenge
- Winter Challenge

If you're anything like me you'll struggle with choosing just a handful to participate in and maybe complete one...or two if you're lucky. If you're anything like Queen of Happy Endings, you'll enter over a dozen and complete them all, some twice over. One place that I can't recommend highly enough if you're searching for that perfect challenge is a blog called A Novel Challenge. The ladies that run this site do an amazing job of listing and indexing all the current and upcoming challenges in blogland. If you're planning on running a challenge, you can submit it to them and they'll post about it on their site.


Ibeeeg from Mom-Musings is hosting a giveaway of When You Went Away by Michael Baron to all Royal Reviews challenge participants. So if you've signed up for one of our challenges and want to win a copy, head on over to Ibeeeg's blog from tomorrow to enter. Her fantastic review was enough to convince us to read it!

We're also hosting a December giveaway for Royal Reviews challenge participants. The winner will be able to choose one of four fantastic novels to kick start their 2010 challenges. You can enter here.

On a personal note, Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings had some minor surgery on Friday and we wish her all the best for a speedy recovery. Alaine does practically all the behind-the-scenes work for Royal Reviews so while she's recovering, the Empress of Good and Evil and myself will be answering the emails etc (and wondering how on earth Alaine gets it all done!)

Okay, now go grab your waterbottle and sit by the fan as we launch a steamy Shifter week!

See you next Sunday,

Princess of the Past


Erotic Horizon said...

Rub in the weather will you - for those of us braving the cold - nice image you have given us... LOL..

Nice set of challenge - I know I am going to do one, but need to look at them all first...

My thoughts are with Alaine and fingers cross for the best.... hey at least you guys now appreciate her more than you already did...


Annie - Princess of the Past said...

E.H - Trust me, if you were in Brissie at the moment, braving the cold would sound like rubbing it in LOL. Although I have always been a wuss when it comes to the heat.

Yes we are definitely appreciating Mum/Alaine more. Although I always did know she was a wonder-woman :D She's doing well and I'm sure she appreciates your well-wishes.

Good luck with your challenges!

dolleygurl said...

We just had snow here in Connecticut in the US last night - I think there is about 2 inches outside. So I am a little envious of the warm weather. I have alread joined the historical fiction reading challenge and will likely join the audio book challenge.

Kirthi said...

Cute Santa picture! I'm considering joining a few challenges, thanks for hosting them :)

dorolerium said...

It's soooooo hard to not join all the challenges!

The upcoming week sounds fantastic, I'm really looking forward to it :)

Please give Alaine my best, she is in my thoughts.

Teddyree said...

I know I went overboard on the whole challenge thing but I'm a sucker for all the gorgeous buttons LOL.

Hope everyone enjoys shifter week and maybe we can keep Alaine entertained while she's recovering!

Jenny Girl said...

Today in Philadelphia, PA, USA it's brisk, windy, chilly. No sun to speak of, and yes I'm dreaming of a warm Christmas. I have had my share of cold and would be happy to trade it in permanently for some sun.

Good luck staying cool gals. Alaine, hope you feel better soon!

Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

We are just the opposite, so sick of the heat! Stay warm and we'll keep dreaming.

lilly said...

Awesome challenges and I will be joining at least two of them.

Summer, really?! That is just too crazy, I wanna move to Australia, lol! have fun for all of us stuck in the cold, cold winter times.