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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sherlock Season 1


The game is on!

Sherlock Holmes is on the case again in a thrilling contemporary version of Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic! Co-created by Doctor Who scribes Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, Sherlock stars Benedict Cumberbatch (Atonement, The Last Enemy) as 21st century London’s go-to consulting detective, Sherlock Holes, with Martin Freeman (The Office, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) as his loyal friend, Dr. John Watson, and Rupert Graces (God on Trial, The Forsyte Saga) as the long suffering Inspector Lestrade.


True to the spirit of the original books, this series plunges viewers into a fast-paces world where Holmes and Watson must navigate maze of cryptic clues and lethal killers to solve three thrilling, action-packed, modern-day mysteries:

A Study in Pink:


When a series of people appear to have committed suicide by taking a poisonous pill, Sherlock Holmes is quite certain that it is murder. When a woman is found dead in the same fashion, the police turn to their unofficial consultant, Sherlock.

During the mean time, Sherlock has just been introduced to John Watson, a former solider who was injured in Afghanistan and is currently looking for a room to rent which is convenient seeing how Sherlock is searching for a roommate.

Not only is Watson kidnapped by Sherlock’s brother, Sherlock gets himself kidnapped by the person responsible for the murders and ends playing a game of chance with two pills: one that is filled with the poison and the other that is perfectly harmless.

The Blind Banker:


Sherlock is hired by an old friend to investigate a mysterious break-in and vandalism at a bank in the city. He quickly discovers that the yellow marking that have been spray-painted on the painting is not merely vandalism but rather a coded message intended for a bank employee who is later found dead in his flat.


The next day a journalist is killed and the same symbols are found nearby, which sends Watson and Sherlock scouring the town looking for others of its kind as well as the cipher. All the while, Watson is beginning to learn that when one is involved with Sherlock Holmes ones dating life takes a backseat.

The Great Game:


Commission by Mycroft to investigate the suspicious death of a government employee, Holmes lets the case fall to Watson as he finds himself being taunted by criminal who straps his victims into explosive vests and sets Sherlock on deadline to solve unrelated cases that he puts before him

When all of the cases are solved, Sherlock must find a way to save the criminal’s last victim, Watson as well as himself.

My Thoughts:


I will be the first to admit that I had my doubts when I first heard that they were making a modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, but I will gladly say that I loved this modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. Not only is it brilliantly riveting it’s fast-paced and thrilling. Benedict Cumberbatch seems to have been born to play the role of Sherlock Holmes while Martin Freeman’s portrayal of John Watson completes the show.

The only problem that I had with Season One was that there were only three episodes. I definitely wanted more!

imagesCAKEAJYU In the BBC's thrilling, funny, and contemporary twist on the classic Holmes adventures, Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) and his friend, Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman), reside at 221B Baker Street, where Holmes earns his living and fights boredom by solving crimes-the weirder, the better. Sparkling scripts and exciting performances keep you guessing in three action-packed television movies.

Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch , Martin Freeman

Directed by: Paul McGuigan

Produced by: Sue Vertue

Written by: Mark Gatiss , Steven Moffat

Sherlock Season 1 may be purchased from BBC America Shop HERE

I would like to thank BBC America Shop for this review copy.

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1 comment:

Danni T said...

I also discovered Sherlock not too long ago and was hesitant to watch it. My sister and I sat down one day and decided to try it, we loved it! Benedict is a fabulous Sherlock. Absolutely hilarious. We recorded the second season when it aired on PBS. Didn't like it quite as well but still really enjoyed it.