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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

History of Scotland: Castles & Clans & Visions of Scotland

main_15419 History of Scotland: Castles & Clans
Regal entertainment! Scotland's castles emerge from swirling mists to reveal imposing fortresses in tranquil settings that belie their turbulent and bloody past. Explore the history of the clans and tour battlements and great halls that have witnessed centuries of war, tribal treacheries and triumphs.
Format:DVD Fullscreen
Region:1 - More Details
Run time:About 5 Hours
Number of Discs:3
Special Features:Includes 2 Bonus Programs:
Scotland: The Edge of the Land - Take a spectacular aerial journey along Scotland's western coastline.
Scottish Verse - Enjoy the stirring words of Robert Louis Stevenson, Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott set to music against a backdrop of beautiful Scottish landscapes.
Disc 1 & Disc 2: The Castles of Scotland
The bricks, stones, and mortar of Scotland’s castles emerge from swirling mists to reveal imposing fortresses originally erected against the threat of Viking invaders and later, the threat of neighboring clans in power struggles and territorial disputes. Displaying architectural styles that span hundreds of years, Scottish castles are found amidst tumbling waters and majestic hills in visually beautiful, tranquil settings that belie their turbulent and bloody past.
This fascinating program explores the romantic history of the clans through tours of the turrets, battlements and grandly furnished great halls of structures that have witnessed centuries of war, tribal treachery and occasional splendor. Legends of black magic, fairies, secret rooms and ghosts enliven the history of a brave and independent people who proudly defend and preserved their Caledonia—land of the Thistle and the Lion.
Disc 3: Scottish Clans
This unique program delves into the origins and backgrounds of key individual Scottish Clan names. These famous Clans echo across the Highlands and through the mists of time to form an integral part of the country’s modern heritage.
Set to a specially written musical score and an imaginative backdrop of well-known landmarks, battlefields, and beautiful Scottish landscapes, this enthralling video encompasses a brief history and description of the most famous Scottish names.
Clans included in the program:
Anderson/Armstrong/Brodie/Bruce/Buchanan/Cameron/Chisholm/Douglas/Drummond/MacDonald/MacDougall/MacFarlane/MacGregor/ MacKintosh/MacLeod/Murray/Robertson/Rose/Stewart/Urquhart/ Wallace
Bonus Feature:
Scottish Verse-A selection of classic Poetry and Popular Verse set to scenic, evocative landscapes.
Be inspired. Take in the dramatic and contrasting beauty of Scotland. Experience both traditional and popular poetry and verse whilst immersing yourself in the passion and emotion of Scottish Verse.
This program, which was filmed entirely on location, will capture your heart and stimulate your mind as we journey through a rich tapestry of vibrant Scotland accompanied by a specially written, traditional style and ambient musical score.
Poets included in the program:
Robert Louis Stevenson/Robert Burns/Sir Walter Scott
My Thoughts:
History of Scotland: Castles and Clans is the perfect armchair travel tour of Scotland’s most notorious Clans and Castles. Not only go you get the history of the Clans you get the see inside the Castles and get the history and lore that is associated with each one.
I love being able to take a wee journey to the heart of Scotland anytime that I want and this DVD Set allows me to just that. Brilliantly narrated and beautifully filmed, History of Scotland: Castles and Clans blew me away.
Plus, I must say that History of Scotland: Castles and Clans comes with an amazing collection of Scottish Verse, which was brilliant in itself.
You may find out more about this DVD HERE

imagesCAE6OOP9 Visions of Scotland
A stunning tour of its ancient cities and heather-clad hills
See bonny Scotland as you never could, even on the most lavish tour. Thanks to a helicopter-mounted camera, you soar effortlessly over Scotland’s historic cities, tranquil villages, rugged highlands, and steel-blue lakes. See the country’s legendary landmarks—the dizzying heights of Edinburgh’s Castle Rock, immaculate greens of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, mysterious glacial waters of Loch Ness, and many more—from unique aerial perspective. Chase wild deer across green hills splashed with yellow gorse. Swoop down on coastal villages so close that you can almost taste the sweet, smoky salmon. With a poetic narration and a soundtrack of authentic regional music, Visions of Scotland opens your eyes, ears, and heart to this legendary land.
Take the high road like never before. In Visions of Scotland, you've got a front-row seat on a thrilling tour of this historic and picturesque land, from heather-clad Highlands to rich, majestic Edinburgh. Trace the royal mile of restored medieval buildings in the capital. Climb the 287 steps of the memorial to Sir Walter Scott. Explore the mysterious depths of Loch Ness and the birthplace of golf at St. Andrews. Filmed in high-defi nition with a soundtrack of regional music, it’s a soaring aerial journey over great glens, stunning waterways, sacred abbeys and craggy heights. Book your trip and enjoy time in Scotland anytime!

My Thoughts:
This was a very interesting eagle eye view of Scotland. The key to the DVD is in its name and it truly was Visions of Scotland. I loved the elevated views of this armchair tour of Scotland as it showed off Scotland’s key features. The narration and soundtrack was lovely as well but while it showed amazing views of Scotland, I felt that it was a bit light on the narration.
You may find out more about this DVD HERE
I would like to thank BBC America Shop for the review copies of these lovely DVDs!
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