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Thursday, December 15, 2011

12 Days of a Tudor Christmas Giveaway Day 5

Day 5

A Drink Fit For A King.

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Once again, your responses were brilliant. Many of you came to the same conclusion that they were good friends who were related by marriage. So, who was Charles Brandon?

Charles Brandon was the son of Sir William Brandon, the standard-bearer of Henry VII, who had died at the hand of Richard III at the Bosworth in 1485. After his father’s death Charles was raised at the court of Henry VIII. Charles was afforded the same education as Arthur and Henry which was a rare occurrence due to the fact Charles had no title. Before Arthur’s death Charles was placed as his companion. After Arthur’s death he was admitted to Prince Henry’s household, once again receiving the same treatment as a Prince of England.

1509 Henry became King of England, his first act was to appoint Charles Esquire of the Body. From there his status rose quickly and soon he found himself being appointed the Duke of Suffolk.

Charles, like Henry excelled in looks, charm and competitive sports. He was the only man who was allowed to beat the King in the sports and often did so especially in the lists. In fact, it was Charles that was jousting against the King when Henry forgot to lower his visor.

Charles was also an accomplished courtier, soldier, and diplomat. Henry often sought his council on most matters both private and State. He had the King’s ear, and he was the only one that was allowed to speak his mind without fear of repercussion. Sure, he may have been banished from court a few times, but nothing lasted longer than a few weeks. Even when he married the King’s sister, Henry wrote that he knew what was going to transpire before he sent Charles to bring Mary home.

Everything the I mentioned shows that Henry and Charles were exceedingly good friends. Although their contemporaries had a different opinion and many of the foreign ambassadors recorded their opinions on this matter. Men in Tudor times were not tall, yet both Henry and Charles were over 6 feet. They were alarmingly alike in looks, build, and demeanor. The Spanish Ambassador recorded that “when viewing the King and Suffolk from the back one was unable to distinguish which was the King and which was Suffolk.” It has also been recorded that Charles was known as ‘Henry’s bastard brother’ because he so resembled the King. Yet, these were not rumors that just started in Henry VIII’s reign, they started long before Henry VII brought Charles into his household.

Charles Brandon was the only person Henry maintained a life-long friendship with. After Charles’ death many believe that the Henry simply gave up. Yes, they were good friends, Charles was related by marriage. But, where they brothers? According to their contemporaries it was possible, yet it remains a mystery we will never know the answer to.


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Katherine Howard…Did she really think that she could pull off having an affair or was she just plain crazy?

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Margaret said...

I think she was a silly naive girl to think she could pull it off. She was obviously used to having men wrapped around her finger and figured Henry would be the same however I think after Ann Boleyn he was always suspicious and well he was a King. She messed with the wrong guy. I'm a follower.

Allison Macias said...

I think that she thought that she could pull it off because she believed she was special and beautiful. And she had prior experience keeping affairs from authority figures.
I follow!!

petite said...

She thought of herself as above others. Rather arrogant and filled with her self importance. She lacked judgment.

Liz V. said...

Katherine Howard may have been desperate to have a child, although she must have been crazy to think her actions would go unreported, particularly once the blackmail began.

traveler said...

She was used to attracting men and had early affairs. No doubt her foolishness cost her dearly.

Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

I think she was more naive than crazy. I mean, her age really has to be taken into account. I also think that she thought she had such a hold over the king that she didn't have to worry and could take the chance of an affair. Again, evidence of her naivete.

micia said...

gfc micia
I think that Catherine Howard was naive.
she Doesn't think of losing the confidence of the king, but she wanted to give him an heir.
thank you, I love to read English literature.


miki said...

i think she was naive too...or that he loved her so much that even if he discovered it he was going to forgive her....not realistic at all

i follow

Appointment Cards said...

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Anna said...

She was young and a tad bit crazy. The little power she had went straight to her head. Plus I don't think she really realize what a raging storm of a husband she had. She definitely picked the wrong guy to cheat on.

I'm a follower.

Anna Lemkau

Na said...

She probably thought she could pull it off and being young was on the naive side.

Colleen Turner said...

I think Katherine Howard was young, naive, easily manipulated and unintelligent enough to think that she could do what she wanted and be fine. Boy was she wrong!

Gisele Alv said...

I think she was a very naive girl, she was young to, and didn't really notice that Henry was that stupid after everything that happen with Ann Boleyn! The odd weren´t in her favor! I'm a follower!
share the giveaway: https://twitter.com/#!/Gisselle_Alv/status/147407300171268096

Pricilla said...

I think she was young, stuck with old Henry and caught up in a political situation far above her understanding and a handsome young man paid her attention. I also don't think she was too bright...
Thank you

I follow

kaiminani at gmail dot com

MamaMunky said...

I'm a follower.

I think she was just naive and stupid.

Lindsey Aylward (LindseyAylward@yahoo.com)

Carol L. said...

I think because of her age she was incredibly immature and like most indulgent kids she only thought in the moment and thought nothing of the consequences. Which being married to Henry made her a bit off.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

Jennifer Farley said...

I think she got bored with the King because he was in an old age and was unable to do the things she wanted sexually and even activities. I think she was naive but i don't think she thought she could pull it off after a period of time. I think at first she believed she could when she was first presented with the idea and then as time went on i believe she actually loved or was lusting after the boy (that was her own age) and she didn't really care after that point. Its is hard to tell for sure which would be the right answer. She snuck around like she thought she could, but her actions such as sleeping with the boy while the king could walk in.. careless.
I also follow you at Twitter @jcause14

Justin C. said...

I believe she did think she could get away with it. She wanted someone more her age and even though she enjoyed the spoils of the king she wanted more. I think the sneaking around and she thought of herself as loved by the king so never thought nothing would happen. She was very naive think think she could even attempt this given the kings previous record with his wives, so she must have had to thought she could get away with it.
Thanks i am a follower on Twitter @coozy12

Linda said...

I don't think she was crazy, just very young, inexperienced, and naive.
Extra entry - Google follower

Sarah Williams said...

I think she got caught up in the excesses of court life, and perhaps given her age, she was allowed to get away with more as queen since she didn't seem politically motivated. I wonder if she fully grasped her cousin's end, since she didn't seem to compare her behavior with what Anne had been accused of.

I follow on twitter and GFC (@sawcat)

penney said...

I think she thought she could really get away with it. Crazy though!
I never had the Earl Grey tea before we are tea drinkers here I'll have to look for it!
luvhistoricalromance at gmail dot com

Dina said...

She was deluding herself that she could pull it off. Ha!

Cheryl Esselman said...

She was young and naive. I think she is much like many young girls today, they think with their heart and not their brain. She had the best of both worlds, the life of a queen and a man she loved. If she gave it any thought at all, she probably felt she could get away with it.

Anonymous said...

I think she was a foolish girl who let her wants drive her to ruin.