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Friday, December 16, 2011

12 Days of a Tudor Christmas Giveaway Day 6

The King’s Rose by Alisa Libby



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Katherine Howard is a fascinating subject. Raised in the household of her step-grandmother, the Dowager Duchess of Norfolk where supervision was lax Katherine was raised with loose morals to say the least. The licentious atmosphere of the Duchess’ household allowed Katherine to carry on a sexual relationship with both her music teacher, Henry Mannox and later the Duchess’ secretary, Francis Durham.

Her relationship with Francis Durham mirrored the relationship of a married couple. They referred to each other as ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ and she often performed wifely duties such as looking after Durham’s money when he was away. It was apparent to everyone in the Duchess’ household that the two were headed to the alter and that is when the Dowager Duchess finally put an end to their relationship. Although, her disapproval wasn’t enough to stop the two and it seems that they may have entered into a precontract of marriage before Durham left for Ireland. If they had indeed exchanged vows regarding their intention to marry then consummated it, they would have been considered married in the eyes of the Church.

Katherine’s uncle, the Duke of Norfolk, found her a place at Court in the household of the Anne of Cleves, Henry’s fourth wife. Katherine’s charms soon caught Henry’s eye and Anne found that she had been replaces by a younger English girl. Yet, being a Queen to a man nearing 50 has its downside and she soon found herself becoming bored.

Luckily, a handsome young man and a favorite courtier of Henry’s, Thomas Culpeper, was there to entertain her. With the help of Anne Boleyn’s sister-in-law, Lady Rochford, Thomas and Katherine were able to carryout their affair without notice. Things seem to be going without a hitch until Katherine believed that she was in control of the game. When she appointed Francis Durham as her personal secretary, she more-or-less signed her own death warrant.

Katherine wasn’t a smart girl, her love letters to both Culpepper and Durham are barely legible and her choice of dancing all night rather than trying to sway the King’s mind over political matters shows that she had no knowledge nor desire to be a leading voice in England. She was foolish and naïve to think that she could hide her affairs from the Henry. She was stupid to entrust Lady Rochford with her secrets.

Yet, it is Henry’s choice in selecting Katherine that I must question. It’s one of those moments in history you have to question. Henry wasn’t a stupid man and by this time, he had inherited the paranoia that had plagued his father. Therefore, I must question his decision in marrying the cousin of the woman who had betrayed him. Surely, he would have learned to keep his distance from both the Boleyns and the Howards. Yet, we all know how this marriage ended.


Today’s Giveaway is:


The King’s Rose by Alisa M. Libby

Appointed to the queen’s household at the age of fourteen, Catherine Howard is not long at court before she catches the eye of King Henry VIII. The king is as enchanted with Catherine as he is disappointed with his newest wife — the German princess Anne of Cleves. Less than a year from her arrival at court, Catherine becomes the fifth wife of the overwhelmingly powerful, if aging, King of England.

Caught up in a dazzling whirl of elaborate celebrations, rich gowns and royal jewels, young Catherine is dizzied by the absolute power that the king wields over his subjects. But does becoming the king’s wife make her safe above all others, or put her in more danger? Catherine must navigate the conspiracies, the silent enemies, the king’s unpredictable rages, as well as contend with the ghosts of King Henry’s former wives: the abandoned Catherine of Aragon, the tragic Jane Seymour, and her own cousin, the beheaded Anne Boleyn. The more Catherine learns about court, the more she can see the circles of danger constricting around her, the threats ever more dire.

If you would like to know more about Alisa Libby, The King’s Rose, or to read her blog, please checkout her website HERE.

I would like to thank Alisa  Libby for providing a copy of her novel The King’s Rose!

Today’s Rules:

1. Leave a comment with your name and an answer to the questions:

Do you believe that Henry loved his first wife, Catherine of Aragon?

And for a bit of Tudor Trivia, Why was Catherine of Aragon’s name spelled with a “C” rather than a “K” like the other two Katherine’s?

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Allison Macias said...

I think that at one point Henry loved Catherine, but his love for himself got in the way of his love for her.
Maybe Catherine's name was spelled differently because she was English by marriage...

I follow you!

traveler said...

Henry loved Catherine of Aragon. The many stillborn children affected him byt he professed his love for her in many ways. Letters, poems.

Colleen Turner said...

I do think Henry loved Catherine as much as he loved anyone, he just didn't love anyone as much as he loved himself and his ambitions.

As far as Catherine spelling her name with a "C" I believe that is because her Spanish name was actually Caterina (I think). Thanks for the giveaway!

I am an email subscriber and GFC follower (Colleen Turner).

Maureen said...

I think what I believe is love and what Henry believed my have been two different things but I suppose in his own way he loved her.
I am an e-mail subscriber

petite said...

Henry loved Catherine. His love was strong but he was flawed. Her name Catherine was originally Spanish. I am an e-mail subscriber.

Carol L. said...

Congrats Sophia,
I don't think he loved her as a man loves his wife but I think he grew to love her as a friend. And I believe Catherine used a C because of the Spanish version Caterina ?
Thanks for the giveaway.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

Jennifer said...

I believed he loved her until she couldn't give him what he wanted. But still even then he loved her she had been with him through thick and thin and he knew it and he knew no one would cater to him as she did. She did everything for him and he wept when she died. I think all the enemies she had influenced the resentment toward her. I believe her name when she lived in Spain began with a C and also could be because she was so Catholic.
I also follow u at twitter @jcause14

Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

Yes, I think Henry loved Catherine, but he became so obsessed with producing a male heir that he could only think of that end. And the means to that end was to find another wife so the child would be legitimate. Unfortunately, Anne Boleyn would be that choice.

Catherine's real name, her Spanish name, was Catalina de Aragon. I would imagine the use of Catherine with a 'C' was a suitable English translation.

Thanks for another great giveaway. I follow via GFC and email.

Linda said...

I think Henry did love Catherine, and had she given him an heir, he would have remained faithful. Does the C in spelling Catherine have to do with her being Spanish? Her name being Catrina or something like that??

Terri C. said...

Thanks for the giveaway. I don't have an opinion about whether or not he loved his wife as I don't know much about them.

Terri C.

Terri C. said...

I forgot to mention that I'm also a follower.

You're mistaken: Google Friend Connect is only going away for NON blogger blogs. Yours is hosted by blogger so you're fine.


Terri C.

Pricilla said...

I believe he did at the start but she was older and then younger women caught his eye. I believe she is with a C because of her Spanish descent - Caterina...instead of English Katherine.
Thank you

I am a follower
kaiminani at gmail dot com

As I understand it GFC is staying for blogspot blogs but is going away for non blogspot blogs. I hope so anyway....

Liz V. said...

Henry seems to me to be incapable of loving anyone other than himself.

As to "C" versus "K", various authorities use "C" for all. The Spanish influence may be accurate as to the first.

Yinx said...

I subscribe & at one point i do think Henry loved her.

Cheryl Esselman said...

I believe he did love Catherine but as most men when he saw something younger and more promising to produce an heir, his eyes wandered.

Dina said...

I think he did at the beginning.

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CelticLady said...

I think he did love Catherine, as much as he could love anyone. It was all about begetting an heir with him. As far as the spelling of the name, I have seen it spelled with a C and a K in numerous books, which is correct?? I guess it depends on who you talk to right??

Princess of Eboli said...

I think by the books I have read, that Henry love Catherine of Aragon in his way. And Catherine of Aragon could be spelt Catalina,which was the spanish version or Katherine; which is written on her tomb at Peterborough.