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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Spam Warning

We have been notified by numerous followers that a spam email is currently doing the rounds using the Royal Reviews name and linking to a separate site.

If you receive this email, please know that it has not come from Royal Reviews.

We do not email our readers for any purpose other than to notify them if they have won a competition on our blog.

Any links etc attached to this email may contan viruses so we do recommend that you delete it straight away.

Sorry to anyone who has receieved this spam email - it's extremely disappointing to us and we wish there was something we could do about it!

Thanks to all the readers who reported this.

Princess of the Past


pattepoilue said...

(argh i wrote a comment and closed the window before sending it)

So as i was saying, i received one this morning. It was supposed to link to Royal Review but i saw it linked to something else so i didn't click on it. I'm glad i didn't. Stupid spammers!!!

Annie - Princess of the Past said...

It's so rude, isn't it Pattepoilue? And not to mention just plain annoying...

pattepoilue said...

it is! Spammers are on the top of my hate-list ;)

The Book Resort said...

Well, looks like you made it t the big time, RR. lol. What a pain in the rear.