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Friday, August 28, 2009

Seducing Mr Darcy by Gwyn Cready

Genre: Marketed as Paranormal Romance

Awards: 2009 RITA - Best Parnormal Romance

Pages: 336

Copyright: 2008

Rating 4 1/2 Crown

Type 'Mr Darcy' into Google Blog Search and you'll be confronted with over 22,000 hits. As Bloggers, as women, we are Darcy obsessed. Plenty of the polls I've conducted on my personal blog have certainly ranked him as one of our favourite heroes. Is it any wonder then that there has been an influx of P & P Spin-offs?

One of the most recent is Gwyn Cready's second time-travel romance, Seducing Mr Darcy and it is fabulous. There is a condition to reading and enjoying it though. You can't be an Austen-purist. Approach this romance with a light heart, be prepared to suspend your disbelief and you'll be greatly rewarded.

The most enjoyable part of this novel has to be the fun way Pride and Prejudice is constantly discussed. I loved reading the hero Magnus's educated view of Austen combined with Flip's BBC Mini-series opinions. It was an excellent combination and pulled the novel from full-out sexual fantasy into a tongue-in-cheek Austen commentary. What a great way to stimulate debate on a classic novel!

In terms of what I look for in a romance - Sex, Sex and a Happy Ending - this book didn't disappoint. The love scenes were just hot enough to be confrontational but not so explicit or long that they made you want to close the book. By the end of the book I had forgotten Darcy (almost!). Oh Magnus is such a smart, sexy guy. I love a hero with a brain! You know what they say about the quiet types...Which reminds me, I've got to find a new Scrabble partner ;-)

For a P & P novel with a twist, you really can't go past this book. I picked it up on impulse at our local department store - what a stroke of luck! I highly recommend this to fans of the series Lost in Austen.

For a special treat, here's the wet t-shirt scene from Lost in Austen! Can't wait to see the movie in 2011.

Princess of the Past


Juju said...

Such a sexy moment! *sigh*

Juju said...

That jaw line! *sigh*

pirate penguin said...

I love the way they talk! Why can't someone tell me that they'll fight the world for me? *double sigh*

Magnus sounds amazing; actually, his name is pretty smexy as well! lol.

Patti said...

I loved this book! And yes, I would play scrabble with Magnus any day :)

Lori said...

I have had this book on my TBR list for a little while now - - this makes me want to run to the bookstore!

BTW, love your blog design!!

ibeeeg said...

This book sounds fun! Sounds like a must read for me.
Great fun that you choose this book on whim.
I have yet to see Lost in Austen but it is in my Blockbuster queue - now all I have to do is watch a few movies, return them and then Lost in Austen will be sent. Hmmm...better go watch a few movies tonight.

Gotta tell ya, I loved it when you said: {{ in terms of what I look for in a romance - Sex, Sex and a Happy Ending - }} I always feel very bold putting those words down on paper and am always relieved when I see others do so. *smile*

Thanks for the review.

BTW: I love these theme weeks that wonderful ladies at Royal Review are posting! Love it.

Annie - Princess of the Past said...

Doesn't it give a new meaning to the game of Scrabble. I remember reading that scene and thinking 'Oh my...' And Lost in Austen *sigh* just wonderful.

Ibeeeg - It's funny you should say that because I almost chickened out of publishing that sentence. I ran it by Mum/Alaine/the Queen first to see if it was too cheeky. And I was still worried about it today until your comment! Isn't it funny how none of us know each other in person but it still feels daring to make those sort of comments?

ibeeeg said...

Yes Annie...it is fuuny but I think it feels daring because there is a nice community of bloggers out there in a way we "know" each other. I always do feel a sense of blush wash over me when I write those words in my posts. I wonder, will someone think I am hussy or this is wrong? hmmm...thing is, sex is good and healthy and Happy endings are fabulous! Hard to have a happy ending in a story of love/marriage when there is no sex. Then I think of the authors, my gosh, they are bold! hehe.

ibeeeg said...

Can I spell...I hate it when I post a comment and then look back and go...
"Golly Deanna, what a dunce you are...spell correctly for gosh sakes!"

I do know how to spell funny...see? hehe

The Book Resort said...

The cover alone is stunning!