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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hunting Fear by Kay Hooper

Genre: Suspense / Thriller




Rating 3 1/2 Crowns

FBI Special Agent Noah Bishop is putting together a Special Crimes Unit unlike any other. He believes in the special, sometimes psychic, talents of certain individuals and their ability to use those skills in law enforcement.

Five years before the main action of this story starts, Bishop seeks out Lucas Jordan, who is trying to help locate a kidnapping victim. Although he doesn't totally understand it, Lucas can tune into the thoughts and fears of others. That can mean the difference between life and death for victims. After Bishop convinces Lucas that his talents could be of more use with some training and proper support, Lucas agrees to join the fledgling team.

After five years of working with Bishop's Special Crimes Unit, Lucas is again helping track down kidnapping victims. A series of kidnapping, where the ransom is paid, but the victim is killed and body dumped, becomes a federal case and Lucas ends up working not only with skeptical local law enforcement, but also Samantha Burke. Samantha is a psychic with a traveling carnival that was visiting the same area of North Carolina where the most recent kidnapping victim's body was found. She warned the local sheriff about the kidnapping, which made her a suspect in the murder until her alibi was verified.

Lucas has to overcome his past with Samantha and dislike of her carnival ties to work with her to catch the man responsible for these killings. He also has to find out the rules to play the killer's game before more innocent people die.

In the "Bishop" Special Crimes Unit series, the monsters have become the primary focus of the books and the romantic stories, while still strong, become more of a backdrop for the team of law enforcement specialists. Readers are invited to experience the various stories of the individuals with special talents as they meet Noah Bishop, solve crimes, fall in love, and become part of the network / family he is building.

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