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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lovin Fridays

On Lovin' Fridays, we post an excerpt from a novel with a declaration of love or a marriage proposal that gave us the warm and fuzzies, made us laugh, made us cry or made us think.

My choice for Lovin' Friday this week is an extract from a tiny novel with a big heart - The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. This happens to be one of my all-time favourite books because it is such a simple tale yet it packs a massive emotional punch - the depth of Noah's love for Allie moved me to tears many times during its 214 pages.

The movie version of this book won an MTV Award for 'Best Kiss' and quickly became a chick-flick favourite for so many women. If you're a fan of the film and you haven't read the book then do yourself a favour! Buy it, borrow it, steal it* - do whatever you have to to get your hands on it. You will see differences from the film but it won't detract from your reading/viewing pleasure.

Without further delay, here's a little extract that touched me:

"You're wonderful...," she says softly, trailing off, and at that moment she falls in love with me, too; this I know, for I have seen the signs a thousand times.

She says nothing else right away, she doesn't have to, and she gives me a look from another lifetime that makes me whole again. I smile back, with as much passion as I could muster, and we stare at each other with the feelings inside us rolling around like waves. I look around the room, then up to the ceiling, then back at Allie, and the way she's looking at me makes me warm. And suddenly I feel young again. I'm no longer cold or aching, or hunched over or deformed, or almost blind with cataractal eyes.

I'm strong and proud and the luckiest man alive, and I keep on feeling that way for a long time across the table.

By the time the candles have burned down a third, I am ready to break the silence. I say, 'I love you deeply, and I hope you know that.'

'Of course I do,' she says breathlessly, 'I've always loved you, Noah.'

Noah. I hear again. Noah. The word echoes in my mind. Noah...Noah. She knows, I think to myself. She knows who I am...

She knows...

Such a tiny thing, this knowledge, but to me it is a gift from God, and I feel our lifetime together, holding her, loving her and being with her through the best years of my life.

She murmurs, 'Noah...my sweet Noah.'

And I, who could not accept the doctor's words, have triumphed again, at least for a moment. I give up the pretense of mystery, and I kiss her hand and I bring it to my cheek and whisper in her ear. I say :

'You are the greatest thing that has every happened to me.'

'Oh Noah,' she says, with tears in her eyes, 'I love you too.'

(Page 190, The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks)

And my two favourite scenes from the movie:

Why didn't you write me? (aka the scene that won the MTV Award for Best Kiss)

Would you just stay with me?

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Christine S. Morehouse said...

The Notebook is one of my girls and my favorite books and movie. No matter how many time I watch it I still cry at the same spots.

For me, I love Noah and Hally in their golden years living in the retirement home. I think if they didn't flashback we would still feel the devotion of their love that lasted throughout the years.

That is what makes The Notebook such an amazing read. Thanks Anne for the great reminder.
Happy Reading, Christine

ibeeeg said...

The Notebook is one my favorite movies. It is my almost 14yod favorite movie. The devotion between Noah and Ally is strong...love that.
I have never read the book, maybe I should.

Amy C said...

I only just watched The Notebook a few months ago. I loved it up til the end :). I would have liked a different ending. I'm not complaining or anything. I assume the book ends the same as the movie? My mom has the book, I should borrow it from her. That scene from youtube is likely one of the most emotionally gripping intimate scenes I've ever seen! I cried some serious happy tears!

Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Hi Amy, the movie doesn't end the same as the book. But I loved the way the movie ended, I think two people who have loved each other their whole lives dying together is the way we'd all want to go.

My Dad died 18 months ago and one of the hardest parts has been watching my Mum. She doesn't really want to live without him, they were together 44 years.

The Notebook is one of my favourite books and I love the movie. Have any of you read The Wedding? It is about Noah and Ally's daughter and her husband.

lilly said...

I've never read The Notebook or watched the movie but this part you quoted is absolutely wonderful and I know I must read it.

Jenny Girl said...

I can't even read this because it will probably make me cry and I'm at work! Never saw the movie because book made me cry my eyes out. Oh no I feel sniffles coming on.
Have a great weekend Ladies!

Jenny Girl said...

and my condolences to you and your mom Alaine. I know how hard it must be for you two. Best thoughts and hugs.

The Book Resort said...

Aahh... beautiful. Simply breathtaking.