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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Guess the Hunky Hero

Can you guess who this week's Hunky Hero is?

This week's hunky hero is portrayed in historical fiction as a sex god, after reading a couple of books about him (and his mistresses) I wondered if he was actually a sex addict. All the books I've read portray him as having a ferocious appetite for beautiful women, he had 12 known illegitimate children but sadly no legitimate heir as his wife was barren. This hero is royalty and had to fight hard to gain his crown. He had long muscular legs, was tall and often wore a long black wig. His era is remembered as the time of 'Merry olde England'. Sadly after no legitimate heirs his brother succeeded him to the thrown.

Think you know who this week's Hunky Hero is? Leave a comment on this post. Need a hint? This hero is from a book reviewed on this blog. We'll reveal who the hero is next week.
Extra Clue: He was King during the great London fires and was actually out amongst the people helping to fight the fire.

Last Week's Hunky Hero was Clay from Bitten by Kelley Armstrong!

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Kate Diamond said...

Okay, I'm thinking Henry Beauclerc... but he HAD kids (they just died = White Ship Tragedy).

And then there's Richard Coeur de Lion. He also died without heir... but many believe that's because he may have been gay.

So... I don't know!

Am I in the right century, at least?

Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Hi Kate, he is much more recent than that! I can't tell you the century because that will give it away. He was before Victoria but after Henry VIII.

Amy C said...

I like your hunky hero challenge! However, I have no clue who this one might be. Maybe next time.

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Alaine!

I am sooo clueless on who this hunky hero is!!

He sounds super sweet and hunky, I just can't place who is.

I'll keep thinking about who it is!

Dottie :)

The Book Resort said...

I'm so thinking it is Chuck. LOL. King charles? Charles Stuart II