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Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

New Moon (Twilight Series, Book 2) I opened this book at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon and closed it at 2am Sunday morning. And I had to forcibly control myself from picking up the next book immediately and reading straight through till morning. It took so much self control!

I don't know if I can say this book is 'as good' as Twilight because for me it's just a continuation of the story. And I am desperate to know how the story ends! I felt like New Moon was more setting up the plot for something much bigger to happen in the following two novels.

I was pretty much a goner by about Chapter 3 when something shocking and unexpected happened and kicked the plot into gear. Such a fantastic scene! Meyer hit the ground running and I had hopes the whole novel would be able to keep pace but I do think that it lulled at times.

I would've liked Bella and Edward to have spent more time together in this book because I missed the sexual tension, the banter, the danger. However, there was still enough substance there to propel me through the book at a rapid pace. So Edward is forgiven. Stupid male.

If you've got this far in the series already, then in my opinion, you're in too deep to quit now. I have to see how this pans out! If the series has a good ending, then the books will probably end up making it to my all-time favourite list.

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