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Monday, November 24, 2008

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, Book 3) How can a whole series of books revolve around one question that the author deliberately doesn't answer and still be such compelling reading??? I have no idea how Meyer managed to keep the one thing I am dying to know...if Bella becomes a vampire...unanswered through yet another book and still make me want to read it so bad! The suspense is killing me!

I feel so lucky that I've started this series AFTER all the other books are finished. I don't know if I would've coped having to wait a year to read the next book like all the other dedicated Twilight fans. I really feel for you guys.

The choices that Meyer made for her characters in New Moon make a little more sense after reading Eclipse. I understand why she introduced Jacob in and I can appreciate the extra layer that really added to the story. In fact, I found my heart was sometimes as fickle as Bella's - cheering on Jacob sometimes as loudly as I cheered on Edward. I just don't know, I can't see how this is all going to end. And I don't want it to!

What do I do when I'm finished Breaking Dawn and the Cullens no longer get to live inside my head, spinning their incredible stories. Man, I am such a gonner.

Just wanted to scramble up a quick, if not disorderly review before I dive into the final book. I promise I'll be more comprehensive with the next one. I just figured if I don't review them all separately, I run the danger of not being able to distinguish what happened in which book!

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Josette said...

LOL! I'm also glad that I only read Eclipse this year, so I didn't have to wait impatiently for Breaking Dawn to come out.

I did not particularly enjoy New Moon but heard that Eclipse was much better. Probably because Edward comes back and Bella isn't so whiny anymore.

Here's my review of Eclipse!