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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Technical Difficulties

I'm not sure how things work in other countries but in Australia our cable TV companies and Internet service providers are the same. In our case literally, we have the same Internet and TV company and on Friday night they blew a poofle valve (that's technical talk for 'it's not working) and we have been told, all three times that I've rung so far that we won't be back online until Monday night.

This is very unfortunate news as I'd organised myself to finalise all the challenge posts for 2010 this weekend. I can't use someone else's computer to do it as I still have to set up Mr Linky and finish designing the buttons, which are half done on my laptop. So as soon as we are back up and running I will launch Challenge Week 2010 on Royals, which we are very excited about. Until then I hope all our American Reviewers and Readers are having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

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Sharon said...

Sorry to hear about that poofle valve! *smile* I hope you are up and running soon!

I did have a fun Thanksgiving, thank you!

Kirthi said...

Sorry to hear about it :(
The picture is so cute! poor, adorable little panda bear :D

Anonymous said...

What a blasted nightmare! In the US, it depends. We have options. Ours is tied up with the phone. That said, if the phones go out, the internet doesn't. We've refuse to go with cable because they are too unstable. Probably more so than it is for you. I hear they go out weekly...lol.

Hope things get better soon. Not having internet is like living in a cave...well, it is for me. ;)

Anonymous said...

I gave you the Kick @ss Blog Award :)

Tara SG
25 Hour Books

Jenny Girl said...

Ah yes, those darn poofle valves :)
Well take this time to relax and enjoy your self Pumpkins!

Alaine said...

J. Kaye, believe me it was worse than living in a cave. I had spent all Friday scrubbing the house so that Annie and I could spend the whole weekend working on Royal and then we lost it. So not happy! It's back up and running, of course Annie is back at work and I have things to do today but will work on it tonight and tomorrow.

In Australia our cable is very reliable and this rarely happens so we really can't complain. In fact our internet is reliable no matter which was we get it, in the cities at least. This is the first time it's gone out like this for a couple of days in about 7 years. But it was horrible. We all complained very loudly LOL, especially having no TV as well. You'd think our throats had been cut.

My 14 year old son and I actually jumped up and down when it went back on this morning.

Anonymous said...

Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings - Oh thank goodness you are back! Sounds like yours is way more reliable than ours. It's why I haven't gone to cable yet. Tell your son I know exactly how he feels. I'd be jumping up and down too....lol.

Unknown said...

Hi Alaine!

Our cable/internet service providers are the same too. And this month, it has been down more than it's been working. Why this is happening, I've a clue, but it really sucks. I have several half finished posts and I just barely made the NaNo cut off. Technology is great when it's working.

Hope you're up and running soon!

Dottie :)