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Monday, January 1, 2007

What's a Royal Read?

A Royal Read usually begins its life with the a variation of the following conversation:

Crazy Reader: 'You HAVE to read this book!'
Unsuspecting Victim: 'But I'm already reading '________' at the moment and my TBR pile is huge!'
Crazy Reader: Don't care. Promise me that you will read this book next. It's freaking brilliant!'
Unsuspecting Victim: Oooookay. What's it about?

Unsuspecting Victim is then effectively nagged into reading said novel just so that Crazy Reader will have someone to discuss the book with. In most cases, Unsuspecting Victim is then converted and will begin recruiting for the next Crazy Reader.

Once all three of the Royal Reviewers have read and reviewed a book, it becomes a Royal Read. Royal Reads are posted to our blog once a week on a Friday and will always contain stories that at least two of us have thoroughly enjoyed. To ensure the books are highly recommended, the Royal Reads will never have an averaged rating of less than three and a half crowns.

If you would like to suggest a Royal Read, please visit the Contact Us section of our blog.

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