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Saturday, February 4, 2006

How We Rate Our Books!

Royal Reviews employs a uniformed rating system to ensure all books are reviewed fairly regardless of genre or format. Our intention is that the top three ratings will all but guarantee you a fantastic read!

Rating 5 Crowns aka A Royal Read

These are our desert-island, bury-me-with-this-book, don't-sleep-until-its-finished, all-time-favourite reads.

Rating 4 1/2 Crown

Although this book is considered a top read, one the reviewer thinks they might read again or wants to keep on their bookshelf forever, it may have very minor plot problems, slow parts, or minor editing errors. The characters of these books take up residence in your mind...and stay there long after you've read the final page!

Rating 4 Crowns

This rating is awarded to books with slight editing errors or plot problems. This book must still be a great read that the reviewer enjoys telling others about and doesn't want to put down.

Rating 3 1/2 Crowns

This rating is awarded to books that are great reads that may contain small editing errors and may have one or two sluggish points in the book. This will be the kind of book you look forward to reading but found yourself able to put down when life becomes too busy.

Rating 3 Crowns

This is for books that were well-written enough to entertain the reviewer but were lacking in either plot, character development or substance. These are possibly the kind of books that are good for a lazy Sunday afternoon but perhaps not the kind that you would be able to recall the plot of months down the track.

Rating 2 Crowns

This rating is for books that the reviewer felt were very average. They contained major flaws in the narrative that irritated the reader and prevented the reader from suspending belief and being immersed in the story. Novels awarded this rating would be recommended only to die-hard fans of the author.

Rating 1 Crown

These are books that we finished only by sheer determination. A rare rating but the kind of book that makes you wonder what on EARTH the publisher was thinking when they signed the author!

DNF's (Did Not Finish)
DNF's are books our reviewers Did Not Finish. For a reason not necessarily the fault of the author, the reviewer couldn't establish a connection with the story. Life is too short to read a bad book.

1 comment:

cindykins said...

Diana/Emily I'd give you 5 Crowns :)
Your characters are true to life and your talent is unfathomable.
I can hardly wait until your next release!