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Monday, April 13, 2015

Movie Review: Tiny Giants 3D

Experience the epic adventures of the world’s smallest heroes!
 The producers of Life and Planet Earth share this spectacular ground-level view of the smallest wonders of the natural world. Unless you've been an ant or an earthworm in a previous life, you've never seen anything like this. Immerse yourself in a terrifically fascinating place, where small creatures face titanic battles to survive. Special 3D cameras capture the larger than life adventures of Earth's littlest heroes. Featuring a stirring musical score by Ben Foster (The Theory of Everything, Doctor Who) and narrated by Stephen Fry, Tiny Giants is one of the most remarkable nature films of all time.
Details: Format: Blu Ray Only,  $25.98, ISBN 883929465583,  Release Date 4/7/2015,  Format Blu-ray,  Number of Discs 1 disc,  Run Time Approx. 41 mins + 7 minutes of bonus content,  Subtitles SDH

Tiny Giants is such a unique little documentary. It follows two tiny giants: a chipmunk preparing for winter and a grasshopper mouse exploring his world for the first time. Both animals were intriguing and I learned several things I never knew.  Although what really intrigued me was the grasshopper/scorpion mouse.
The cinematography was vivid and I was truly amazed at how up close it felt. Everything was filmed at their eye levels so it was as though the viewer was able to see what their worlds were truly like.
Tiny Giants would be a brilliant documentary for school age children.


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