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Monday, January 13, 2014

Lord of the Hunt by Shona Husk

9781402280191Title: Lord Of The Hunt

Author: Shona Husk

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

ISBN: 978-1-4022-8019-1

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Date: January 2014

Formats Available: Mass Market Paperback & E-books $7.99

How I Read It: Mass Market Arc from Publisher


She Wasn’t Cut Out for His World...

The realm of the fairies might be unbelievably beautiful, but its people are notoriously treacherous. Raised among mortals, Taryn hoped to avoid her fairy heritage her whole life. But now she must cross over to Annwyn and appeal to the King to pardon her exiled parents, or they're sure to die. And to get to the King, she'll first have to face the Lord of the Hunt...

He Can't Imagine Life Without Her...

Verden, Lord of the Hunt, is sworn to serve to King. But the moment he sees Taryn, the attraction is instant and devastating. How can he not help the beautiful, brave young woman who refuses to bend to the will of the court? Yet the power in Annwyn is shifting, its magic failing. No matter how much he may love Taryn, the Hunter knows that abandoning his duty could bring down the mortal world forever... –(taken from publisher website)

Taryn is on a mission to get the King of Annwyn to pardon her exiled parents before they die. Her first time in the fairy world and all eyes are on her but she has been warned that this world is full of treachery and deceit. When Verden, Lord of the Hunt comes seeking her out she has to question whether or not the decision to do was his or the Kings.

Verden is Lord of the Hunt it’s his job to serve and protect the King of Annwyn. Although there is no denying the attraction he feels for Taryn. But with the magic failing and the mortal world on the brink of disaster, he realizes how much his falling for Taryn would cost everyone.

Taryn, at times comes off a little na├»ve, perhaps it’s because this is the first time that she’s entered the fairy world and it seemed like she was approaching everything with caution, but it worked. It allowed readers to get a sense of what it would be like entering into a treacherous fairy court.

Verden, who I’ve wanted to know more about since reading The Outcast Prince, is one of those characters I loved from the start. You can feel he’s conflicted between following his heart and his sworn duty to protect the king and Annwyn. He was an interesting read.

The plot and pacing were brilliantly done. I could not put this book down until I read the very last page. With the chemistry nearly to the point of boiling and the lush world that Shona Husk painted, how could you not fall in love with The Lord of the Hunt?

I will say one thing that I wasn’t overly fond of was the HEA. While the characters did receive their HEA, I’m really sure that most would call it that. It felt as though the characters had little choice in their happing ending and that their happy ending was incomplete.

Overall, the sensuality, intrigue, and lush vivid world that Shona Husk created had me glued to this book.

Cover Love: I love this cover. It completely captures that paranormal feel of the book.

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