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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Ice House—Movie Review

main_16871 Adapted from award-winning crime novelist Minette Walters’ literary debut, The Ice House, skillfully combines the themes of love, betrayal, bigtory, murder and deadly intrigue. Ten years ago, Phoebe Maybury’s hateful husband David disappeared from Streech Grange. Now a naked, unidentifiable corpse has been discovered in the ice house on the Grange and Inspectors Walsh (Corn Redgrave) and McLoughlin (Daniel Craig) have to decide whose it is, whether he was murdered, and who killed him.

My Thoughts:
Normally, when watching whodunits, I can figure out who done it fairly quickly, although The Ice House kept me guessing right up until the end.
Opening with a decomposed body found in the ice house Inspector Walsh (Corin Redgrave) believes that the body belongs to David Maybury who disappeared ten years ago from Streech Grange and that his wife, Phoebe Maybury was the killer.
Chief Inspector Walsh believed that Phoebe had done away with her husband; all Walsh needed was some evidence against her. Ten years later a badly decomposed body is discovered in the icehouse and believes he has finally found the missing David Maybury. However, the two mysterious women who live at the Grange with Phoebe are making it a bit difficult for Walsh and McLoughlin to do their jobs.
And that is only half of it. As the movie progresses more twists and turns unfold.
I really enjoyed this movie, and the three mysterious women living at the Grange gives it a gothic feel. The way the plot unfolds, you never truly discover what these women are up to until the—or if indeed they are murderess—until right up until the end and then I can guarantee that you will be shocked.
If you are looking for a brilliant whodunit, then you should give The Ice House a go!
I was intrigued by this movie I have put the novel down on my TBR list.
Movie Details:
Starring: Daniel Craig , Corin Redgrave Directed by: Tim Fywell Produced by: Suzan Harrison Written by: Minette Walters
Format: DVD Widescreen Run time: 180 minutes Number of Discs: 1 Special Features: Minette Walters On Writing a Novel
You may order a copy from BBC America Shop HERE
Item Number: 16871
New Release Price: $19.98

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! Never heard of the movie before but I am ordering now!