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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Robin Hood The Complete Series Review & Giveaway of Season 1

When all hope is lost, one legend lives on.
Robin of Locksley returns from defending King and country in the Holy Land to find a corrupt and changed Nottingham. The ruthless Sheriff of Nottingham is now in charge, crippling the poor with greedy taxes and severely punishing them for stealing a loaf of bread.
The ever-gallant Robin and his faithful, if slightly unenthusiastic, manservant Much are determined to fight for the good of these oppressed people. Aided by a gang of talented outlaws, Robin unties the gang against the Sheriff and his dastardly deeds. Will they succeed in thwarting injustice to relieve the poverty and hunger of the good people of Locksley?
Robin Hood
A thrilling new retelling of a classic legend—packed with comedy, drama, action, adventure, romance and the occasional twists—this is Robin Hood for a new generation. (from the back of the boxset)
Season 1
Robin of Locksley heads home from the Crusades to find his people starving and brutalized under the tyrannical rule of the new Sheriff. Robin quickly discovers that the only way to reason with this Sheriff is with a bow and arrow—even if it means sacrificing his title and lands and consigning himself to a life in the forest.
Along with trusty companion Much, trickster Allan A Dale and passionate Will Scarlett, Robin teams up with forest outlaws Little John and Roy, leading his gang to help Nottingham’s poor. His ally in Nottingham is Marian, the sweetheart he left behind when he left for the Crusades.
As the series progresses and the gang fights on, how long can Marian keep amorous Gisborne at bat, will the Sheriff succeed in cornering Robin Hood, and what will Robin make of his sinister truth behind Gisborne and the Sheriff’s secret plotting? The state of England is rotten and Robin and the gang will learn that doing good deeds in Nottingham is a dangerous business indeed….
Season 2
The world is changing rapidly. The Sheriff of Nottingham has forged a pact with the black knights to kill King Richard. But first, the Sheriff wants Robin dead more than ever and sets about catching him with the help of his sister and others.
Marian and Edward are placed under house arrest in the castle after Gisborne burns their home to the ground. Now with Marian as castle spy, Robin and his gang can continue to help the people of Nottingham and stay one step ahead of the Sheriff of Gisborne. As events begin to turn in favor of the Sheriff, suspicion of a spy within Robin’s gang becomes evident. Could this change the dynamic of the gang or tear them apart for good?
season 3
Season 3
Joining the Outlaw’s fight against injustice is mysterious Brother Tuck and Kate, a feisty Locksley girl. Each episode Robin leads the battle for a free world, but it’s tough when corruption and evil sweep the land.
The King is absent fighting in the Holy Land and while his throne is empty, his treacherous brother Prince John plots to seize it. The prince has his eye on Nottingham for his new capital and the country is on the brink of civil war. Can Robin save England for Richard and his people?
Tuck knows the power Robin has, but can he raise a people’s army to follow him? Robin is both man and myth but what must he sacrifice to become the legend the nation needs? Loves are lost, lives are surrendered…
This is Robin Hood, but not as you know it. Take nothing for granted
My Thoughts:
The series will have you glued to the telly until you have finished every last episode. Brilliantly cast, scripted and directed this is like no other Robin Hood that I have seen. The characters are edgier, fresher, and not so outdated which drew me into the show. The plots are something that you normally would not have seen in other versions as well. Some lighter, some are dark and broody, and others I would never have seen coming but once I thought about the previous episodes, they did not seem too farfetched.
A look a few of my favorite characters:
Robin of Locksley
Robin is a bit of a ladies man, which we see in start of episode one. I must say that Jonas Armstrong does an amazing job at bringing Robin of Locksley to life without overly playing the role as some of the older versions of Robin Hood have done. For the show to work Robin had to be a likeable character and for me he was highly likable.
We see a spunkier version of Marian. She is also torn between doing what is right and doing what is best for the safety of her father. Marian is also caught between her anger at Robin for leaving her and Gisborne’s obsession for her.
Guy of Gisborne
Early on, Gisborne sort of shows his hand by saying that he has seen Robin fight before although I wasn’t quite sure what he was alluding to but I had my theories, which I must say I was right. I also noticed that there was a connection between Gisborne and Robin other than Marian, although I to wait until season 3 to find out exactly how deep it went. He was also constantly fighting with himself and I was hoping that he would eventually break free of the Sheriff’s grasp.
Richard Armitage’s portrayal of Guy of Gisborne for me stole the show.
Little John
Little John was the heart and soul of this series and I must say that he was one of my favorite characters.
Favorite Episodes from Season 1:
“Parent Hood”
“Turk Flu”
“Tattoo? What Tattoo?”
Favorite Episodes from Season 2:
“The Booby and the Beast”
“The Angel of Death”
“Treasure of the Nation”
Favorite Episodes from Season 3:
“A Dangerous Deal”
“Bad Blood”
“The Enemy of My Enemy”
My Absolute Favorite Episode
“A Dangerous Deal”
Robin Hood the Complete Series IS Definitely Worthy of 5 Crowns!!!
I would like to thank the BBC Shop America for sending me the complete season of Robin Hood.
If you would like to have your own adventure, you may order the entire series HERE
Alternatively, you may also order the each season individually.
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
1 Winner will receive the First Season of Robin Hood.
US & Canada only as the DVDs are Region 1
Review copy sent from BBC Shop America
Giveaway copy purchased by me
To Enter Please leave your name and a valid email address
Giveaway ends: April 30

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