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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Monarch of the Week

This week’s Monarch is….

Charles III


He was better known as:

Bonnie Prince Charlie

Full Name:

Prince Charles Edward Louis John Casimir Sylvester Severino Maria Stuart


December 31, 1720

Palazzo Muti, Rome, States of the Church

Palazzo Muti, Rome, States of the Church


January 31, 1788 at the age of 67

Palazzo Muti, Rome, States of the Church



St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City


James III


Maria Klementyna Sobieska


Louise of Stolberg-Gedern


Charlotte Stuart, Duchess of Albany (illegitimate)


House of Stuart –



January 1, 1766-January 31 1788


James III & VIII


Henry IX (not recognized by the monarchy)

Interesting & Random Facts:

-Prince Charlie lived a life of luxury in Rome and Bologna.

-He was the son of the exiled Stuart King, James II & VII.

-He was one of the last legitimate heirs of the House of Stuart.

-December 1743, Charles’s father named him Prince Regent, which gave authority to his name.

-Eighteen months later, he led a rising to reclaim his father throne.

-He was able to regain control of Edinburg but a rash decision led to one of the deadliest battles in Scottish history, the Battle of Culloden.

-Charles was able to escape from Scotland with the aid of Flora MacDonald.

-The “Skye Boat Song” describes his escape and he is even lament for in the Irish Gaelic ballad, “Mo Ghile Mear”.

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Heather R said...

I have heard his name before, but I did not know anything about him before! Thanks for this post.