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Sunday, December 11, 2011

12 Days of a Tudor Christmas Giveaway Day 1


Day 1

The Tudors: The Complete Series



Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Henry Cavill, Natalie Dormer brings to life the intrigue of the Tudors in this utterly fascinating series. And now, thanks to a kind and generous donation, from a sponsor who wishes to remain nameless, this Complete Series can be yours.

Here are the rules:

The Tudors: The Complete Series

1. Leave a comment with your name and an answer to the question:

Why Do You Love The Tudors?

2. Due to the formatting of the DVDs being a Region 1, this giveaway is US only.

3. You do not need to leave your email address as the winner will be announced the next day. The winner will also be announced on the right side of the blog under the Royal Winners banner. You have until the 23rd to respond with your shipping address. You may want to subscribe to Royal Reviews via feed burner which is located in left side of the blog so that the winners and new giveaways will be sent directly to your inbox.

4. Followers will receive an extra entry so make sure you let us know if you follow us. You will also receive an extra entry if you post about the giveaway.


Anonymous said...

The Tudor are interesting. There is always some aspect of their history that amazes me.

Anisa Purdin

traveler said...

The Tudors and their lives are intriguing and fascinating. Many thanks.

Susan Higginbotham said...

Sex, sweeping societal changes, and heads rolling--what's not to love about the Tudors?

Susan Higginbotham

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

I love exploring the role the Tudors play in the religious changes of that era.

Leslie Saunders

Anna said...

Their whole dynasty is shocking and fascinating. While we still have royals today, they are nothing like The Tudors. It's fun escaping to this time whether it's the show or the books.

I follow your blog.

Anna Lemkau

Carol L. said...

I loved The Tudors. between Johnathon and Henry that sold me :) But the intrigue, suspense and lying and treachery make for an interesting
glimpse into the troubled Tudors.
GFC name is Lucky47.
Thanks so much for this opportunity.
Happy Holidays.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

kimmyl said...
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kimmyl said...

Love it, Love it, Love it! For a historically based drama, its pretty good. The inaccuracies help keep the mystery alive because you don't know if they will follow with what has happened in history or if they will stray. Elizabeth I is one of my favorites royal ladies.I learned some interesting things about Henry VIII while doing a paper in history 2 class. He was an avid musician and composer. He played every kind of insturment available and wrote hundreds of songs including several requia for the organ.


Colleen Turner said...

I just love the Tudors, both the show and the various books and movies about this enigmatic family. All the drama, excitement and intrigue...who wouldn't love them!

I am a GFC follower (Colleen Turner).

Kathleen McCluskey said...

The Tudors were real people who lived and died for what what they felt was right. Kathleen McCluskey

BJ said...

are you kidding me?? is the a reason not to like the Tudors???
I like them because it's History it's how life was....rough and tough....nothing was easy.
As for the movie...it's wonderful to see it all played out...so much fun.
Sword fights...love it!

Terri C. said...

Thanks for the great giveaway! I've seen a couple of episodes of this show and would like to see more.

I'm also a GFC follower (Terri C)and email subscriber.

Terri C.

penney said...

I love it because of the History the way the people were back in that time the way they dress I love the dresses back then it's very interesting. I love the castles too

Marcus Ham said...

I love opulent stories and Henry Cavill is awesome.

Christina Goodacre said...

The Tudors is a great series. It's prompted me to look further into English history, which I'm now almost obsessed with. I remember hearing about Henry VIII & his wives when I was younger & was excited to get a chance to be entertained with great acting & sets to learn about him. I just LOVE the Tudors & watch an episode whenever I have the chance.

Diski said...

I SOOOO loved the Tudor....I watched every episode with total excitement….I was disappointed when it ended. I loved how it twist and turn with every scene. You never knew exactly what was going to happen. And of course Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Henry Cavill weren’t hard to look at either. I can’t wait to watch it again and again.

Buttercup said...

I've never been interested in US history but England's history has always been one that intrigues me. In particular, King Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, and their daughter, Elizabeth I.

Stacy Sugita

Jennifer Causey said...

Hi! I love the Tudors I start the biginning of it every year in September and finish up before thanksgiving I do this every year! I love the history all my college reports are over Henry VIII or Anne B. I would love to own these!

Causey2 said...

I love the life of Henry VIII. I love how he broke away from the church and had all the wives I love how he rules even tho it was little irrational he still ruled with a firm hand! I would love this I watch them every year around winter every season!

cheflittle15 said...

I loved The Tudors for the drama and intrigue and the huge impact Henry VIII had on European history. After reading _The Autobiography of Henry VIII_ by Mary George, the show was FAR more entertaining! (JRM and Henry Cavill are definitely the icing on the cake!)

Caroline Millet
(I follow you on Twitter. :))

Anonymous said...

I love the Tudors because they were so enigmatic!


Pricilla said...

I love the Tudors because the wrought a dynasty out of almost nothing and it became one of the most famous (infamous) ones to boot. All while being slightly mad.
Thank you

I am a follower

Angie Wauthion said...

I love the Tudors because I am fascinated by the Tudor dynasty and the show just taught me so much more about the time period and gave me more insight into the historical figures. I also love the drama, politics, scandal, and power struggle.

I am a follower.

Cheryl Esselman said...

I have not been so excited in a series since the 1980's!!!!!!!! I have always had a curiosity in this era but this show just encouraged that curiosity more!!!! The casting, costumes, scenery were top notch!!!!!! LOVE THE TUDORS!!!

Cheryl Esselman

Anonymous said...

I love the Tudors because:
1. Henry Cavill
2. Historically based
3. Total investment in the characters, even though you know what's going to happen.
4. Henry Cavill

crogsweeps [at] gmail [dot] com

Lynn said...

the 'Tudors' era was fascinating (if you can get past all the beheadings and burnings)....if you had rank and wealth, you could get away with anything, as long as you didn't go against the king, that is..

Erinn Demskis said...

Why do I love The Tudors? Well, thanks to the magic of cinema, the entire Tudor Dynasty was transformed into something sexy, scintillating, fascinating, and highly addictive. My first exposure to the series was while on a flight from NY to Thailand. I watched the entire first season, and well into the second season. After 23 hours in a plane, most people were eager to disembark, but since I had not yet finished one of the episodes, I was actually disappointed to have to get off the plane.

Immediately upon my return home, I rented every season, checked out as many books as possible on the subject, and found myself in the middle of a love affair with the entire Tudor Dynasty.

Long live The Tudors! (Anyone who doesn't understand must clearly be a heretic.)

All the best,
Erinn Demskis

Wajima said...

The Story of King Henry's love and betrayal is still to this day one of the most fascinating love stories of all time. This era in its uniqueness shows what we have forgotten to transpire into our time. Its intriguing to see them gives light to where Queen Elizabeth came from, and how through her fathers reputation, she was too tilted one of the most respected yet feared Queens to ever throne. I am completely taken by this show and its story of passion, heartbreak and power.

krysalbe said...

I've always found that era in history extremely fascinating, and, to be honest, once I realized Henry Cavill was involved, I was completely sold! Thanks for the great contest ;)

Jo said...

I have always been fasinated with the history of the British Kings and Queens. One might even classify it as an obsession. Unlike most films in the past that portrayed the characters more like cardbroad cutouts,the actors, especially Henry and Jonathan, made them realistic and more human,with hopes,dreams and disappointments, they were real people with real emotional conflicts within themselves. They all put the story in a new light.

Carol N Wong said...

Just by looking at the number of books about the Tudors, you can get an idea of their exciting lives. I eventually want to take a trip to see the important landmarks in their lives and feel their history even more!


Jennifer said...

I love the Tudors because it is my favorite Dynasty in History! Henry VIII acomplished many things and his life was so interesting. along with his wives and his children. he dared to do many things that others would not even speak of. The Tudors was one of the most closely told story of that dynasty i have seen other than the history channel. Not only was Henry's life interesting but how he became king and why and how he chose his wives. This is one of the most wanted things i could ever ask for the complete series and i would love to have them. i enjoy them and watch them year round.
i also follow you at twitter. again please select me please!! @Jcause14

Justin said...

Hi! My wife and I love the tudors. I hoped i could win this for her. She is obsessed with that dynasty. We love them because of their story. He did everything his way without very much guidance from his council or wives. Henry always in a way fought his concious on what is right and what he thinks is right. Also with what he wanted and what he needed. Somehow it came down to what he wanted. Their dynasty is very interesting to us because not only did he bring new things to his country (even tho they were against it more than for it) but he also opened many doors to others as well. Everyone feared him because of his spare of the moment decision to dislike someone at a split second. without cause sometimes. Please choose me i would be the King of our home if i got this for my wife.
i also have twitter and follow @Coozy12