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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12 Days of a Tudor Christmas Day 8

Day 8


The Tudor Chronicles 1485-1603

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Most of us have our own opinion regarding Henry VIII. Love him or hate him one thing is for certain he was a ruler like no other.

Born the second son of a King, Henry VIII was not groomed to rule England. Henry, or Harry as he was called, was actually groomed to go into the Church, which should not be surprising give his proclivity for theological debate. Unlike his brother Arthur, Henry had a natural ability to debate which led to Erasmus to call Henry ’a deep and acute thinker” he also had inherited his father’s ability to see through peoples intentions.

He was a fairly free to enjoy sports such as hunting and jousting or coming and going as he pleased. But, all that changed with the death of his brother. Henry became the heir to the throne of England he also become more or less a prisoner of his father. After the death his father, Henry was free to be his own man.

His contemporaries described him as cheerful and gameson, quick to laugh, intelligent, the most affable prince in the world. He was full of charm and charisma, a gem of virtue, glory, goodness, and justice.

Henry became king at a time the world was changing. It’s was now a young man’s game and he found himself surrounded by youthful kings. The Renaissance was now in full swing and Henry was not about the be left behind. He entered into the worlds of science, theology, music, art, warfare, and politics and he did so with unbelievable zeal and ability.

He was also quick-tempered, headstrong, immature, vain, and at this point the didn’t quite know the extent of his power. However others did take notice of the man he could become. In 1514 the Spanish Ambassador Henry’s father-in-law, King Ferdinand “that is a bridle was not put on this colt, it will afterwards be hard to control him.”

Seven years later Sir Thomas Moore echoed that statement when he warned the newly appointed Cromwell that he should handle Henry with caution, “For, if the lion knew his own strength, hard were it to rule him.”

Up until the “Great Matter” he was a relatively unaware that he held the keys to the kingdom so to speak. After the “Great Matter” he knew he was the one in charge. Although it was the betrayal of Anne Boleyn then the death of Jane Seymour that sent him over the edge.
So, who was Henry VIII. If you are reading Historical text or even some biographies, the answer often varies based on the Religious persuasion of author. As for my thoughts about Henry, I do not think that he was this horrid tyrant, I think that he was a product of the time in which he lived. Henry was the only ruler in history to have ruled with absolute power, which is something none of us can imagine. When he ascended to the throne, he was a boy of 18, an unprepared boy of 18 who was constantly surrounded with people trying to use him to their own advantage.

Tudor Trivia Question: The Battle of Flodden took place in 1513. It was England against Scotland, what was Henry’s connection to this battle?

Tudor Trivia Answer: Your answers were correct, although I was looking for a closer connection between Henry and the Battle of Flodden. While Henry himself did not have anything to do with the battle, he had more than just a political connection to the battle. Amongst the 10,000 Scots that were slain, Scotland’s king James IV lost his life as well. James was married to Henrys sister Margaret.

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This is one of my favorite Tudor books. I practically stalked my local Barnes & Noble until I found it.

Today’s Rules:

1. Leave a comment with your name and an answer to the questions:

Let’s have a bit of fun with today’s question.  Since it is Christmas time, imagine that the Tudors are making their Christmas lists. What is one thing that Henry and each of his 6 wives would ask for? Get creative! I can’t wait to read your answers.

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Colleen Turner said...

What a fun question! Okay:

Henry: a strong, virile legitimate son :)!

Catherine: a new prayer book.

Anne B.: A new hat.

Jane: A skilled physician to keep her healthy.

Anne C.: Some attractive new dresses.

Katherine H.: Some books on decorum.

Katherine P.: A new trunk to pack up her belongings and make a quick getaway!

I am also a follower!

petite said...

1. For Henry: A feast to end all feasts.
2. Catherine: an embroidered handkerchief
3. Anne B: jewelry
4. Jane: A nourishing soup
5. Anne C. A wardrobe
6. Katherine H. Manners
7. Katherine P. A Purse

I am a subscriber.

Allison Macias said...

Henry wants everything Francis is getting, plus more. And a son.

Catherine wants what will make Henry happy.

Anne wants pearls, fur and power.

Jane just wants a new trinket.

Anne of Cleaves wants to understand English better.

Kitty wants kisses from Thomas.

Katherine Parr wants R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

I follow you!

Robbie said...

Henry, of course, wants nothing more than a healthy son, to be his heir.

Catherine wants the love Henry once so freely gave her.

Anne B. wants to do away with all ladies in waiting so Henry will not be tempted to cheat on her. Again. And again.

Jane wants nothing more than to be alive and with Henry and her precious son, Edward.

Anne C. wants to know what she did to offend Henry.

Katherine H. wants Culpepper!

Katherine P. wants to be able to carry out her religious agenda without having to worry about getting her head chopped off!

I subscribe and I am a follower.

traveler said...

For Henry a Cooked Goose.
For Catherine a Bonnet
For Anne Boleyn a better temperament and a reticule
For Jane Seymour a longer life and a precious jewel.
For Anne of Cleves an apple orchard
For Catherine Howard common sense and a scarf.
For Katherine Parr better luck and a reading matter.

I subscribe.

Margaret said...

Henry a son
Catherine a bible
Anne a crown
Jane a trip to Calais
Anne C a meal of Sausages
Katherine H a low cut bodice dress
Katherine P her true love

That was fun! I'm a follower.

Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

Henry--a saintly, immortal woman guaranteed to produce a son.

Catherine--an avenging angel.

Anne Boleyn--a trust fund and guaranteed succession for Elizabeth.

Jane--to see her son grow up.

Anne of Cleves--nothing. She already got what she wanted...NOT to be married to Henry and she kept her head.

Katherine Howard--a fluffy bunny or kitten.

Katherine Parr--to outlive Henry and therefore escape the ever-looming chance of the chopping block.

Fun, fun, fun!

I follow via GFC and email.


Anonymous said...

Henry- A suitable wife

Catherine-A reliable husband.

Anne- A Good Solicitor.

Jane- Good Health

Anne of Cleves- Stylist

Katherine Howard-A Good Head on her shoulders.

Katherine Parr- Freedom!

Thanks for making it Worldwide.


Ranurgis said...

Henry: I want a woman who can give me strong, healthy sons.

Catherine of Aragon: Thank you, God for making me faithful and having Henry divorce rather than behead me. I'm so glad I'm no longer married to him.

Anne B: I'd love to have another try at giving Henry a son.

Jane S: God, please give me more health and strength.

Anne C: Dear God, I would like to have a little more beauty. However, maybe it's better that I'm not pretty enough. Who knows if I'd lived as long.

Katherine P: I ask you, dear God, to keep me faithful to Henry. If I survive him, perhaps I can marry my true love, Thomas Seymour.

Ranurgis said...

Oops, I forgot Katherine H: In hindsight, I pray not fall in love with just anybody.

Ranurgis said...

My name is 'Forgetful' today.

If following you includes getting your e-mails, then yes, I follow you.

Mystica said...

Ok here goes.

Henry and each of his wives will only ask for a son. preferably with a spare as well. nothing more!

Cheryl Esselman said...

Henry - endless amount of virgins to seduce

Catherine - a beautiful statue of the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus

Anne B. - the exclusive love of Henry and the people of England

Jane - honesty from those around her and to say one last good-bye to her father

Anne of C. - to go home again and a new deck of cards

Katherine H. - to get away with her affairs and expensive clothes, crowns, and jewels

Katherine P. - to be married HAPPILY ever after with a man she truly loved

Liz V. said...

Surely the one gift wanted by all was a healthy son but:
Catherine: a faithful, loving husband.
Anne B: a good divorce lawyer.
Jane: a long life.
Anne C: a ticket home.
Katherine H: good advice.
Katherine P: a better husband.

Cheryl Esselman said...

My husband hides the pickle in the tree and we have fun watching the competitive kids try to find it. We also do a secret Santa gift exchange and make a game of it.

Cheryl Esselman said...

My husband hides the pickle in the tree and we have fun watching the competitive kids try to find it. We also do a secret Santa gift exchange and make a game of it.