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Monday, November 28, 2011

Amanda Forester Guest Post & Giveaway!

amanda33 War and Chaos - the Perfect Setting for a Hero
by Amanda Forester
Medieval Scotland holds a certain mystique; it draws me from across the centuries. I'm not exactly sure why, maybe it is the knights and code of chivalry. Maybe it is the colorful clothing and long, elegant gowns. Maybe it is the vicious clan rivalries and political intrigue. Maybe it's just hunky Highlanders in kilts.
Whatever the reason, I am fascinated with this time period, but how to chose an exact date for my novel? This question leads me to do something I enjoy most about writing historical fiction - the research. The history of medieval Europe often reads like a novel itself, rich with battles, conflict and political intrigue. No time period more so than the Hundred Years War.
The Hundred Years War, which true to its name spanned over a hundred years, began in the early 14th century when the kings of both England and France claimed the throne of France. England, whose monarch had strong connections to French nobility (in fact the nobility of many countries spoke French in their respective courts) controlled parts of what is now France and fought to control it all.
Scotland and France were bound by the "auld alliance" so when England invaded France, the French called on the Scots for help. In 1346, French and British forces clashed in Crécy, and Scotland invaded England to force the English to fight on two fronts. Unfortunately for the alliance, the English won both battles. Decisively. Hundreds of French knights were killed, and King David of Scotland was captured. It was a good year for England. Not so good for Scotland.
With their king being held for ransom, the black death slaughtering the populace, and clans struggling to gain power, it was a tumultuous time in Scotland. This chaos and strife is a perfect time for a hero to emerge. In The Highlander's Heart, this hero is Laird David Campbell, who must lead his clan through the dangers surrounding them.
When Laird Campbell comes across Lady Isabelle, a lost English countess, he sees her initially as an interference in his plans. He decides to ransom her back to her kin to get rid of her, but with Isabelle about, nothing ever goes according to plan.
In the end, Isabelle decides she'd rather stay with her hunky Highlander (who wouldn't?) and Campbell realizes the girl is far more valuable than the ransom. Isabelle proves to be not only the healer of Campbell's lonely heart, but also the key to save his clan.
So what is your favorite historical setting? Are there certain time periods or characters that are "must reads" for you?

I would like to thank Amanda Forester for providing this lovely guest post.


Highlandersheartmed THE HIGHLANDER'S HEART
Lady Isabelle escapes her murderous English husband only to be abducted by a Highland warrior and held for ransom. Her determination to break free from captivity is exceeded only by the passion growing between her and the Highland Laird. David Campbell plans to hold Isabelle for ransom as an easy way to line his pockets and return her back where she belongs, but he is unprepared for a feisty English lass with a penchant for finding trouble. Caught between rival clans bent on claiming the throne of Scotland, Campbell must choose a side, and a bride. Standing on the brink of war, Isabelle may be his only hope to save his clan, and his heart.
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I have two copies to giveaway.
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Please leave your name, a valid email address, and an answer to Amanda’s question:
So what is your favorite historical setting? Are there certain time periods or characters that are "must reads" for you?

Giveaway ends December 9th.


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Linda said...

I enjoy lots of different settings in HF, but American Civil War and Medieval England are particular favorites. This Highland novel sounds wonderful. Thanks for the giveaway.

Amanda Forester said...

Linda - I have recently become more interested in the Civil War era - so much happening, and so sad in many way.

BJ said...

So I'm totally a fan of Scotland...But it's totally for the men in their Kilts!!!
I mean really....give me a hot highlander with his claymore over some cowboy and his horse any day!!!!
One day I plan to visit Scotland..I'm hoping before I'm 40...LOL
Thanks for the insight into your planning...

Emily Tardy said...

I just love historicals, I've read many different eras, and as long as the story holds my interest then I'll read it! Thank you for the chance to win =D

Emily T

Amanda Forester said...

BJ - I'm totally with you about the men in kilts thing - could there be anything sexier?? I would like to say my goal is to visit Scotland before I'm 40, but I knda already missed that goal. I'll just have to say "someday"!

Amanda Forester said...

Emily - I am a great lover of history too. You are right, even if the setting isn't one I might initially be drawn to, a great story can captivate my interest!

kimmyl said...

I am unquestionably drawn to the 17 and 18th centuries. But I love all historicals so it's hard to pick a specific era. I like my stories with a meaty plot and some adventure and a romance that sweeps me away. I love me some Medievals, Renaissance, some Victorian and ancient history.


Na said...

I like settings during times of war. They were very tumultous and can showcase a hero and heroine nicely. World War I and II, the Amercian Civil War, French Revolution, and more.


Shannon said...

My only requirement for historical setting is far, far away from here and now. =)
tiredwkids at live dot com

Cozy in Texas said...

I stopped by your blog today.