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Friday, August 19, 2011

Ink Flamingos by Karen E Olson

Title: Ink Flamingos (A Tattoo Shop Mystery, # 4)
Author: Karen E. Olson
Publisher: Signet
ISBN: 0451233794
Release Date: June 2011
Rating: 4 Crowns


Dee Carmichael, lead singer of the pop sensation The Flamingoes, has been one of Brett Kavanaugh's most dedicated customers at her tattoo shop. When Dee is discovered dead surrounded by ink pots and needles, Brett is branded a suspect. It seems that someone is impersonating Brett. And if she doesn't act fast, the killer is sure to put the dye in dying once again..

My musings:

When I received a copy of Karen E. Olson’s Ink Flamingos, I didn’t exactly jump up and down. I left it in the box it arrived in and grimaced. I asked myself, “what in the world was I going to do with this tattoo series?” I must admit, the cover caught my eye, pulled me in to study it, then I flipped to the back & read the blurb. I made another face and hunkered down on the couch to read a chapter – NOT. I couldn’t put it down. AT All! I had to finish the awesomeness that is Ink Flamingos!

It was an enthralling read. Olson knows how to propel the mystery from the first clue to the reveal without leaving you discombobulated. She develops her characters with depth, weight, sass, smarts and heart. You become infused with the story Olson actualized, not just an armchair reader looking to pass the time away now that summer reruns are upon us.

I am shaking my head, smiling and reflecting about Brett. Wow, what a remarkable character Olson conceived, constructed and shared with the world. Brava, Ms. Olson and thank you.
The lush, glimmering Vegas strip serves as the spectacular locale and the plot is imaginative, credible and fun! I hadn’t guessed “whodunit” so score extra points Olson for that one.

I can’t wait to get my hands on Olson’s backlist and hang out again with my new friend and kindred – what? What? Geez, the only difference between the two of us in the diva hierarchy is she is on the opposite coast… and a smidgen more colorful ;p.

Olson, you got skillz!

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Mystica said...

New author and book for me. Thank you for this enthusiastic review.