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Thursday, July 21, 2011

See Jane Die by Erica Spindler

Title: See Jane Die
Author: Erica Spindler
Genre: Suspense/Thriller/Mystery
Publisher: Mira
ISBN: 0-7783-2169-X
Rating: 4.5 Crowns


Jane Killian has everything to live for: marriage to the man of her dreams, a career she adores and a baby on the way. Her happiness is shattered when her husband becomes the prime suspect in the brutal murders of two women. Determined to prove him innocent, she digs into his past. But each new corner she turns points not to her husband's innocence--but his guilt. Alone, alienated from those she loves, a new terror presents itself--a madman who seems to know her every fear and anticipate her every move. One who wants nothing more than to finally... See Jane Die.

My Thoughts:

When it comes to suspense that not only leaves your pulse pounding, but robs you of your breath, Spindler is the gal to do it. I have been a “Spindlette” ever since I read Bone Cold in 2001… Wow, I’m having a bit of a tough time digesting that it’s been ten years since picking it up, too. I read EVERYTHING the gifted visionary creates. I often reread my favorites when I am missing my favorite characters and when I need a dose of Spindler.

See Jane Die is a delicious stay up all night thrill ride that is as exhilarating as plunging from the Eiffel tower with a parachute that doesn’t open until 33 seconds before you are expected to hit the asphalt.

Spindler’s See Jane Die is the first in the Stacy Killian series and one of my favorites… Bone Cold and See Jane Die are the ones I return to when I need a sense of comfort – they are my Spindler touchstones.

See Jane Die starts off with a gripping premise that shifts fluently into gear and doesn’t falter once… not even for a split second throughout Spindler’s high octane tale. See Jane Die is finely orchestrated and Spindler brilliantly illustrated the scenes when Jane is run over by a motor boat and is left disfigured by the frightening accident. While Jane undergoes extensive surgery to salvage her face, she is still plagued by nightmares of that catastrophic occurrence.

While this storyline can seem a bit generic, Spindler’s writing is anything but and her spin on this often over used plot leaves you absolutely transfixed. You find yourself whipping through the pages at lightning speed all the while holding your breath and as each page is turned a shiver akin to an ice cube sliding down your back blankets you.

Spindler’s character’s are well-fleshed, engaging and not always what they appear to be upon your first introduction – like a trapdoor there is always a surprise. The stalker is heart-stopping, alarming and impressively compelling! The notes he sends to Jane are disturbing, “I did it on purpose. To hear your screams”, but Spindler’s addictive narrative keeps you mesmerized until you find yourself reading straight through.

With the skill of a racecar driver, Spindler delivers a story rich with twists and turns, suspense that manipulates your pulse and a plot that smoothly unfolds to showcase what an inimitable scribe she truly is!

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Pj Schott said...

Looks amazing. Thank you for the heads up.

Marjorie said...

The best mystery writer is definitely Erica
Spindler. I have all her books and have never been disappointed by her writing.
I am reading this book now.