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Saturday, July 30, 2011

In The Heat Of The Bite by Lydia Dare

Title: In The Heat Of The Bite
Author: Lydia Dare
ISBN: 978-1-4022-4510-7
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Format: Mass Market Paperback
$7.99 £4.99
Pages: 384
Release Date: July 2011
How I Read It: Mass Market Arc
Rating: 5 Crowns A ROYAL READ


Matthew Halkett, Earl of Blodswell, is one of the few men in the ton who can claim to be a knight in shining armor--because that is precisely what he was before being turned into a vampyre. When he spies a damsel in distress in the midst of a storm in Hyde Park, his natural instinct is to rush to her aid…


Weather-controlling witch Rhiannon Sinclair isn’t caught in a storm--she’s the cause of it. She’s mortified to have been caught making trouble by the imposing earl, but she doesn’t need any man--never has, and is sure she never will…

But when Rhiannon encounters Matthew again, her powers go awry and is supernatural abilities run amok. Between the two of them, the ton is thrown into an uproar. There’s never been a more tempestuous scandal…

My Thoughts:

A Short Summary:

Weather-controlling witch, Rhiannon Sinclair finds herself caught in a storm of her own making right in the middle of Hyde Park. Now, she seems unable to shake free of the man who caught her.

Outraged over her Aunt Greer refusing to allow her to see her younger sister, Rhiannon storms off to Hyde Park to create a bit of havoc that only a weather-controlling witch can stir up. She never imagined that she would get caught, much less rescued by an Englishman of the undead variety. When her powers go awry at a ball, Sir Matthew Halkett, Earl of Blodswell, is left to deal with the fallout.

The Characters

Matthew Halkett, Earl of Blodswell:
Found dying on a battlefield during the Crusades, he was both saved and condemned by his maker, Callista. Content to roam the earth as a vampyre, he is reconciled to his fate. Yet, when he spots a young woman caught in the midst of a storm he finds himself yearning to be more of a man.

The Earl of Blodswell is a gentleman in every sense of the word and even though he is a vampyre his chivalry is still his top priority. I liked Matthew, I found him to be one of my favorite characters thus far and I wanted to see him find love.
Rhiannon Sinclair-
As the Coig’s weather-controlling witch, Rhiannon has a bit of a hard time concealing her emotions from other. Although she not a battle-born witch like Blaire, she can and has been taking care of herself and her younger sister since the death of their mother. Rhiannon was an easy character to like.

Secondary Characters Of Note:

The Hadley brothers- If you have previously read THE TAMING OF THE WOLF, then you will be somewhat familiarized with the Hadley brothers. In this book, we meet the brother’s up-close and personal and I do have to say that they were a fun bunch to get to know. I simply cannot wait to read their stories when they are published.

Alec MacQuarrie- He has become somewhat of a fixture in Lydia Dare’s previous books, and I have enjoyed Alec from the start. I am not going say much about him because I believe that new readers should get to know him on their own.

The Plot:

We first meet the Earl of Blodswell in chapter 20 of THE TAMING OF THE WOLF (book four in Lydia Dare’s Lycan Series). Caitrin Macleod, the Coig’s seer, describes Blodswell as ‘one of the most strikingly handsome men she’d ever seen.”

She also tells him: “Ye will ken enough about my kind in time, sir.” “Enjoy the fine weather my lord, while ye still can.”

I could not wait to read Blodswell story and I have to say that I was not disappointed. He quickly became my favorite hero. I feel that I must apologize to Simon, although he is still my favorite Lycan, but Blodswell has captured my heart. And I must say “IN THE HEAT OF THE BITE” was my favorite Lydia Dare book thus far.

I highly recommend this book.

Overall: Simply Brilliant! When reading Lydia Dare’s novels I fall in love with reading all over again.

Would I read it again: Most Definitely! In fact I have read the complete series at least three times.

One a side note: While all of Lydia Dare’s books can be read alone, I highly recommend that you start at the beginning with “A CERTAIN WOLFISH CHARM” to achieve the full effect of these novels.

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