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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Keep it Fancy!

I want to take a few minutes to address certain issues that have been transpiring over the past few weeks in regards to certain slights authors have been flinging back and forth to each other. I would like to make it known that our reviewers express their own honest opinions regarding the books that they select to review. The author or any other source does not force their selection of books. WE GIVE OUR HONEST OPINIONS about books WE SELECT.

Dear authors, we review your books because we want to read them and tell our readers about their brilliance. We respect the time and devotion that went into each and every book that you have produced. We ask that our followers show respect when commenting, so authors please do the same. Please do not use our comment section as a way to insult other authors. Remember that you are introducing new readers to your work; you do not want to show yourself in a bad light to potential readers/buyers.

We love it when authors respond to our reviewers and followers, but please remember to treat others, that includes the authors that you do not agree with, respectfully. We are asked to blog with integrity, so please remember to comment with it as well.

I am not here to chastise, I am here to make our blog a pleasant experience for all who read it. So please show a bit of respect. AND REMEMBER KEEP IT FANCY!

As Always Best Wishes & Happy Reading,

“The Queen of the Quill”

1 comment:

lizzy J said...

Very eloquently stated. I feel honesty is always the best policy no matter what.