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Friday, February 18, 2011

One Touch of Scandal by Liz Carlyle

Author: Liz Carlyle
Genre: Regency Historical Romance
Publisher: Pocket Books
Pub. Date: September 2010
Format: Mass-market & eBook
Rating: 4 Crowns
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Book description:
"Against the glamorous backdrop of Victorian high society, Liz Carlyle paints a dramatic tale of dangerous desire, the first in her sizzling new trilogy."
All Grace Gauthier ever wanted was the security of a good marriage, family, and home. Instead, despised by her aristocratic father's family because of her mother's foreign birth, she's taken a "safe" position as a governess. Now, unprotected and alone in London, accused of the shocking murder of her employer, she has no one to turn to except the mysterious--and possibly dangerous--Lord Ruthveyn.
A dark-eyed Lucifer, Ruthveyn guards his secrets carefully. His shadowed past is a source of pain and rumors--only whispered. Grace's plight--which echoes his own--moves him, as does her quiet beauty. Ruthveyn is determined to save Grace by unmasking a killer. But his growing passion places his own heart at risk and threatens to expose his dark gifts to the world.
A TOUCH OF SCANDAL is the first installment in New York Times Bestselling author, Liz Carlyle’s new Regency historical romance trilogy.
Grace Gauthier has just been accused of cold-bloodedly killing her employer--who indecently happens to be her ALMOST-fiancĂ©. Leaving her destitute homeless and scared for her future. In search of a family friend, Sergeant Rance Welham, Lord Lazonby to help her out of this awful predicament Grace lands on the doorsteps of the Society; face to face with the tons Devil Prince himself, Adrian Forsythe, Lord Ruthveyn. Who coincidently happens to be Welham‘s best friend. Not know what else to do Grace confides in the charismatic stand-offish man before her. Ruthveyn hearing her plight reluctantly agrees to help her in clearing her name. On one condition. That Grace move in to his home and under his protection, as a governess to his to hellion nephews. As her employer Ruthveyn’s name will give them the time he needs to uncover the true murderer. This giving Adrian easier access at keeping the young beauty alive and out of harms way. But just how far will they both go to protect the other from the harsh realities that are flooding them.
Born with aristocracy blood running through his veins, Lord Ruthveyn should have an easer go at life. But hard ships and a deep secret keep this devilishly wicked man at bay. Being able to see the horrors of the world isn’t what Adrian would call a gift but a curse. Having envisioned evils to reprehensible to name Adrian keeps his life and himself securely tucked away. Not allowing anyone to remotely touch his heart. That is, until Grace Gauthier, with her classic English beauty and beguiling blue eyes walks into his life, forever changing his world.

The two come together, rather reluctantly but to an all consuming passion that neither can understand. Fiercely independent, Grace enters this affair knowing full well that even if she give her heart to this dynamic Lord eventually she will be leaving…heartbroken.. Bolden by this exquisite beauty and her selfless giving of her heart and soul Adrian feels unworthy and selfish for taking what she offers, but can do nothing to fight this unbreakable bound between them.
They say that fate takes its course but Adrian believes that with his GIFT he is more likely to control the outcome of the ones he loves. Self-sacrificing the love he and Grace shares. Ruthveyn tries in vain to pull away from Grace but only to no avail to be drawn deeper into this unknown power that binds them together.

I have been a long time admirer of New York Times bestselling author, Liz Carlyle. Her stories are breathtakingly romantic. Never disappointing her readers. ONE TOUCH OF SCANDAL is beautifully written with a dynamic prose that will give her readers ecstatic hours of reading pleasure. Ms. Carlyle is simply one of today's master story tellers that weaves every pivotal moment into pure magic.

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