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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One Wore Blue by Heather Graham

Title: One Wore Blue
Author: Heather Graham
Rating: 4 Stars

From the Back Cover:

She was velvet and silk, emerald eyes and sunstruck hair. Kiernan Miller had married one man to protect her from another. She hated Jesse Cameron with a fierce passion. But she was a widow now, and he was the enemy at her door, come with weapons of fire to melt her icy heart...
He wore a Yankee uniform with inimitable Southern style, as true to the Union cause as he was traitorous to his rebel roots. Even as war engulfed them all, he would find his greatest adversary in the beuaty who'd branded him a traitor, the woman he was born to possess.

This novel of the Civil War is the first in a trilogy about the Camerons, a wealthy Virginia plantation family who find their loyalties divided when the Civil War breaks out. Most of this novel is told from the point of view of Kiernan Mackay, the spirited and beautiful neighbor of the Camerons who has loved the oldest Cameron brother, Jesse, for most of her life. Time and circumstances finally collaborate to get this couple together, but their bliss is short-lived when their beloved Virginia secedes from the Union and the lovers find themselves on opposite sides of the divide and neither is willing to compromise on their convictions. Jesse, an army surgeon, rides off to the North, leaving Kiernan behind in the little town of Harper's Ferry, which is about to find itself in the middle of a nasty tug-of-war between the Union and the Confederacy that lasts throughout the entire war. But war has a way of tearing people apart and throwing them back together again in dramatic fashion, and as the bloody conflict rages on, Kiernan and Jesse begin to question their ideals, their loyalities, and their feelings for each other. This novel borderlines on being a bodice-ripper and it is a bit on the melodramatic side, but it's delicious, exciting, and very well-researched, and I couldn't put it down! I've already ordered the next book in the trilogy!

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Tory M said...

Hehehe - I love this book, though I think And One Rode West is my favorite. Awesome series.

Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews said...

Great review and I also loved this book! This is a great series!