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Monday, July 12, 2010

Ireland by Frank Delaney

This week Royal Reviews is featuring Ireland. So join us as we read our way through the Emerald Hills of Erin

Title- Ireland a novel

Author Frank Delaney

Publisher Harper Collins

Publication Date 2005

A novel of huge ambition, beautifully told, Ireland is the unstoppably readable story of a remarkable nation. On a November evening in 1951, an itinerant storyteller, the last of a fabled breed, arrives unannounced and mysterious at a house in the Irish countryside. By the fire, he begins to tell the story of this extraordinary island. One of his listeners, a nine-year-old boy, grows so entranced by the storytelling that, when the old man leaves, he devotes his life to finding him again.

It is a search that uncovers both passions and mysteries, in the boy's life as well as the old man's. In addition, a remarkable document is quoted from throughout the book - the Storyteller's own chronicle, poignant, sharp and frequently amusing. Together they comprise the narrative of a people, the history of a nation, the telling of Ireland in all its drama, intrigue and heroism, its philosophy, its spirit, its national ego.

Ireland travels through the centuries by way of story after story, from the savage grip of the Ice Age to the green and troubled land of brochures and headlines. Along the way, we meet foolish kings and innocent monks, god-heroes and great works of art, shrewd Norman raiders and envoys from Rome, leaders, lovers and poets. Each illuminates the magic of Ireland, the troubling power of England and the eternal connection to the raw earth.
(from the back cover)

I first happened upon Frank Delaney by shire luck, I was researching Boudicca for a research paper, and found an article by Frank Delaney. Well needless to say I was interested in finding more from this very heartfelt writer. Finally I found the book “Ireland”. Needless to say I was hooked from the first page. The way that Frank Delaney unravels Ireland's intricately woven history along with the one boys struggle to find himself is breathtaking. This book has so many layers and hidden depths that makes it truly engaging. A brilliant look into the history of Ireland from the master of Irish History, Frank Delaney. Take it from me once you have read something from this man, you will thirst for more. A book the embodies the heart, spirit, and soul of Ireland and it’s people.

Here is a few quotes from Ireland that made me fall in love with it.

“The wisest men tells is that everything sooner or later changes. And all change commences with a specific moment. We say to ourselves, “I won’t do this again, I must become different.” And one day we succeed-eventually”

“The heroic in man is something for which we should all reach in ourselves. If we find we don’t possess our own heroism, we should respect it whenever we come across it friend or foe”.

On a side note you may want to look for the Hardback edition if you plan to keep this in your permanent library. I have noticed that the spin breaks in the paperback edition due to the amount of pages.

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Anonymous said...

這麼用心的經營你的文章, 當然值得我們留連拜訪的!............................................................

Jenny N. said...

I read this book two summers ago and the story was amazing.

Packabook Travel Novels said...

Fantastic that you enjoyed it - I love those epic books about countries that really make you feel you get to know it.

If you are looking for further novels set in Ireland - we have a list of suggestions at our books set in Ireland page that might give you some ideas.


Cat said...

I read this a few years ago and loved it. Frank Delaney is a fantastic author.

Lady Q said...

This book sounds awesome. Ireland Week was a great idea. I've got to add some more Irish to my TBR list!

Lady Q said...
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Anonymous said...

I have this one on my TBR shelf.