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Monday, March 22, 2010

Original Sin by Allison Brennan

Series: Seven Deadly Sins - Book One

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Copyright: 2010

Pages: 416

Rating: 3 Crowns


Haunted by chilling memories of demonic possession and murder, Moira O’Donnell has spent seven years hunting down her mother, Fiona, whose command of black magic has granted her unprecedented control of the underworld. Now Moira’s global search has led her to a small California town that’s about to become hell on earth.

Tormented by his own terrifying past and driven by powers he can’t explain, ex-seminarian Rafe Cooper joins Moira’s dangerous quest. But Fiona is one devilish step ahead. Hungry for greater power, eternal youth, and stunning beauty, the sorceress is unleashing upon the mortal world the living incarnations of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Together with a demonologist, a tough female sheriff, and a pair of star-crossed teenagers, Moira and Rafe are humanity’s last chance to snatch salvation from the howling jaws of damnation.


New York Times Bestselling author Allison Brennan dishes up a devilish tale with Original Sin, the first novel in her exciting new Seven Deadly Sins series. With demon-fighting and witch-hunting, this series is being touted as 'the next big thing' in paranormal romance and it certainly does shatter some of the concepts and storylines we've become used to.

For me, this was an enjoyable read and although it didn't quite set the page on fire the way I had originally hoped, there are plenty of readers who will find this novel hits the mark with them. For often times, it's the things that make a novel different or unusual that are the most admired.

The unique aspect of Original Sin comes down to the way Allison Brennan chooses to deal with magic. In this first book at least, all magic is bad and comes essentially from the devil and can only lead to evil. So with the heroine as an ex-witch she contains within her a deep and powerful knowledge of sorcery and has to remain firm in her decision to defeat her evil mother without it. I liked that Moira didn't just conjure a spell to get past plot obstacles and I think in this case, the restrictions the author placed on the character served to make her more resourceful and entertaining. You can tell Allison Brennan put a lot of thought into the character of Moira and it pays off.

One thing I'd really like to mention is that it took me approximately 60 pages to find my feet with this book - the writing was great but I wasn't quite sure what was going on. Then, around page 60 there's a flashback scene that really explains everything. Apparently, there is a short story that Allison Brennan wrote as a prequel to Original Sin and I think it would have been really helpful to read first. Alternatively, the flashback at page 60 may have served better as a prologue. I think it would have just helped me get into the story a little quicker and would've cut out the confusion.

The cast of supporting characters was fantastic - I really enjoyed the jaded, tough-talking demonologist Anthony and his feisty girlfriend Skye (the town sheriff). She gives you a perspective of many of the players in this dark and twisted game and it really deepens your reading of the book. I know that this novel only covered a small blip in the timeline so I can really see the plot getting a whole lot bigger and a whole lot darker before Allison Brennan is done with it!

Also, as you'd expect from a novel titled Original Sin, there is a distinct religious flavour to the book and I felt some of the concepts were borne of Christian ideology. You need to approach the novel knowing that it will discuss heaven and hell, good and evil as these are its essential themes. The author is skillful and she definitely does this tastefully so I don't believe it would really alienate any readers. This also ties into the fact that the novels are distinctly less sexual then I guessed they would be as the romance does take a backseat to the plot at times.

All in all the book really was enjoyable and I think you'll find it to be an edgy new take on the paranormal thriller.

Princess of the Past

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Anonymous said...

If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again, it was probably worth it.............................................

fredamans said...

I agree with the above statement....

I can't believe this book had demons and witches and only got a 3... still I wanna check it out.

Good review!

Annie - Princess of the Past said...

Fredamans you should still check it out. I've read lots of great reviews on it :) This was just my take.

Jennifer said...

Wow, the cover is beautiful. I would like to read this one. It seems like a book I would like.

Jennifer @ Mrs. Q: Book Addict

Donna said...

Great review! I have this in my TBR pile and I'm looking forward to it.

Lexie said...

I've been wavering back and forth, though if I see this pop up during a sale I'll likely pick it up...

after I catch up on my TBR pile at least XD


Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Not sure about this one, might be a little to religous for me. Great review though Annie!