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Friday, February 26, 2010

Blog Post by author Donna Russon Morin and Giveaway

Readers need that sense of inspiration to pick up a book, whether it’s the cover, the blurb, or the author themselves, something grabs the reader and makes them need to read the story. For me, writing is the same…I must be inspired by my story, I must feel the need to know it, before I can write it.

I had always been a fan of Katie Couric through the many years she worked on the Today Show. So when she was appointed as the anchor of the CBS Evening News, I tuned in despite my typical aversion to television news programs, feeling a sense of camaraderie and sisterhood for a woman trying to break boundaries. How could I know that just a few weeks into her tenure, a two minute story would provide me incredible fodder for my second book?

It was a feature story about the glassmakers of Murano. While other countries were vainly attempting to imitate the artistry of the centuries old craft, few had come close to revealing the secret of the glass—the particular formula that made Murano glass so exceptional. Laced throughout the story were snippets of Murano glassmaking history. One point in particular caught and captured my imagination: for hundreds of years the glassmakers of Venice were virtual prisoners in their own land, captives of their government, a powerful republic determined to keep the prestige and the profit produced by the glass for themselves.

The percussion of inspiration in my mind was as loud as a foghorn blast in the middle of starkly still night. Within a half hour of viewing the story, I had a two page synopsis written, a complete plot mapped out about a young Murano woman who must somehow save herself while protecting the ‘secret of the glass,’ a phrase that would become the title of my second book.

Other than what I had gleaned from the news, I knew little of Venetian history and that of the glassmakers, though I was enthusiastic to begin my research. Always a favorite part of the process for me, the subject matter would also take me to the land of my ancestors (of full Italian descent, I am but a second generation American as proud of the land of my antecedents as I am of my homeland). Having spent the previous year researching France for work on my first book (The Courtier’s Secret, Kensington, Feb. 09), I couldn’t wait for my time in Venice.

And there, between the pages that brought the old world to life, I found Galileo. I was unaware of how much time he had spent in the magical city, unaware how prominently the land figured into his story and he in Venice’s. I was astounded when I learned that, like myself, the professor suffered from a chronic illness. The more I read, the more sure I became that, had the astronomer been privy to modern day medicine, his diagnosis would have been auto-immune, like my own. I found kinship in his tale of determination, one echoed in the story of the land itself and the people that had made it so unique.

It became a daily thrill to tell their story, to give breath to these marvelous characters. On every page are the words their inspiration gave to me.

The Secret of The glass
By Donna Russo Morin

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Great post! I love hearing from authors and the book sounds especially captivating.

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Interesting tie-in with Katie Couric - I'm also a fan of hers, wish she was still on Today. I would love to win this book.

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misskallie2000 said...

This book sounds fasinating. I really want to read it. I also love Murano Glass, so beautiful. I loved the way the concept of this book began, by watching the news. You can learn a lot of nice things and interesting history facts on the news along with the bad and sad.
The review was awesome. Thanks for the opportunity to enter contest.

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Same with me, if it is open to all then I am in :)
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This book sure sounds good, glass, have not been that interested in it, but I do like a book that can make something I have never thought about fascinating

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Looks great!.if its international- Australia,
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Sounds great. I love historical fiction and don't think I've ever read one set in Venice.


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I love how a chance comment started this book and how you got your inspiration to write this.

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Just goes to show ideas can come from anywhere !

I often find that when I enjoy a book it is because the author has bothered to really research the subject they are writing about.

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This sounds like a fabulous premise for a story. I am always fascinated by the research that an author does to bring their story to life. The research, the knowledge gained is amazing.

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Wonderful post! This sounds like a very interesting read!


ossmcalc said...

I first heard of Murano Glass from my neighbor when she was showing me the items that she had brought back from her trip home to Italy. She actually grew up near where the Murano Glass is made. Based on the stories that she has shared with me, I would really love to read this book.

Thank you,


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