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Monday, August 24, 2009

Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

Genre: Classic

Pages: 480

Copyright: First Published 1813


Rating 4 1/2 Crown

This is not going to be a traditional review of Pride and Prejudice. Why, you ask? Because we've all read plenty of reviews on Jane Austen and I know that there are many bloggers out there that haven't read any Jane Austen novels. I only read my first Austen novel last year and did a very brief review of it. But I do know that many of you have watched the 1995 TV mini series and/or the 2005 movie version (I went to see this in Gold Class with my closest friends for my birthday). So for this review I'm going to talk about some of the differences in the movie version to the book.

Firstly, since many of our followers are from the US, did you know that the US ending of the movie was different for the rest of the world? The following scene was exclusive to the US version.

So clearly the kissing scene is not in the book. However, one of my favourite scenes is (although the setting is different).

"You are too generous to trifle with me. If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes are unchanged: but one word from you will silence me on this subject for ever."

Lizzy gave Darcy her assurances that her feelings had indeed undergone a change.

The happiness which this reply produced was such as he had probably never felt before; and he expressed himself on the occasion as sensibly and as warmly as a man violently in love can be supposed to do. *sigh*

When a film maker takes a book and makes it into a film it is not possible for them to include every detail of the book. I believe what they are trying to convey is the emotion and feeling that reading the book gives you along with the essence of the story. One of the things I love about this particular version of Pride and Prejudice is that there are so many lines from the book in the film. I own the UK and US version of this movie as well as the BBC mini series. I have probably watched the UK version about 50 times (it's recorded on my IQ box). I know that sounds excessive but I watched it every week after my Dad passed away because it was the only thing that took me to a better place whilst I was in the depths of grieving. So needless to say I love the film. I also enjoyed the BBC mini series with Colin Firth as Mr Darcy and the famous scene of him diving into the water. But I rarely have that much time that I would sit and watch the whole series through. The movie is watched in a short time and gives the same amount of gratification.

So there you have two very different Mr Darcy's. I really couldn't pick a favourite because I think both actors did a wonderful job of playing Mr Darcy. Do you have a favourite Mr Darcy? Let us know in the comments who is your favourite or if you are like me and love them both. At the end of the week I will select a random name from the commenter's and send them a US copy of the movie version of Pride and Prejudice.

Don't forget to vote in today's poll. Would you read a paranormal Jane Austen?

Lastly I want to leave you with this because I thought it was just beautiful.

Please join me tomorrow to welcome Sharon Lathan the author of my favourite Pride and Prejudice sequels, Mr & Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy and Loving Mr Darcy.

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Blodeuedd said...

Darcy is Firth and will always be to me :D Sure the other one is good, but firth, I so see it. And I love them together.

Oh the lake scence, the oh so famous wet shirt scene, lol. I love when they meet. It's one of my fav scenes.

Rita said...

there was a version done in 1940 and Laurence Olivier was Mr. Darcy. It was a really good movie and true to the book. In my mind, he was Darcy, until I saw the '05 version with Colin Firth. It's hard to see Firth now in any other role.

Now I must go and find the BBC miniseries and watch it.

Teddyree said...

Love the post. I like Kiera Knightley playing Lizzy over Jennifer Ehle but Macfadyen & Firth both awesome!!

pattepoilue said...

I've read Austen's books so many times....and i've watch the movies and mini series a lot too.

But now you got me shocked! I really didn't know there was a different ending to Pride and Prejudice! Thanks for posting it! i'm a bit sad i only knew the other version *sigh* This ending is defferent and so sweet too. *sigh*

Colin Firth is my favorite Darcy because when i read the books that's him i see =D BUT Both actors are pretty amazing,i do love them both, they are different and they both become the character.
When i feel down i usually end up watching Pride and Prejudice (movie or mini-serie) and i'd give anything to have my own Mr Darcy *grins*

Sharon Lathan said...

Obviously Matthew Macfadyen is the only Mr. Darcy for me! BUT, as I am continually forced to clarify, Colin Firth is a delicious man and wonderful as Darcy. Just, IMHO, not as perfect as Matthew.

Has anyone seen Lost in Austen? Elliot Cowan was a fantastic Darcy. Almost as good as Matthew! LOL! Actually his portrayal was more in line with how Firth played the role, but Cowan is younger and very handsome.

As for versions: They all have their pros and cons. Again, the '05 movie is my fav, but the miniseries is wonderful as well. Never can get enough Austen!

Great discussion, Alaine. And thanks for the videos. I always love the visuals.

See ya tomorrow!!! Sharon

Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Hi everyone and welcome to my all time favourite book hero!

Sharon I'm with you, I love McFaden as Mr Darcy but also love Firth. I loved Lost in Austen,and yes cowan, water scene mmmm! Got to love those water scenes!

Anonymous said...

While I can appreciate how all of the actors have brought Mr. Darcy to life on the screen, having finally just seen the BBC mini-series I really can't see any other Mr. Darcy but Colin Firth.

Judy said...

I love these movies also. I like both Colin Firth and Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy. It is hard for me to pick which one I like the best. I would say I like Keira Knightley alot better than Jennifer Ehle. I have always been a fan of Keira. She plays this type of movie so fantastic!! I really enjoyed the whole post!!

Christy said...

Colin Firth for me, there is absolutely no question. I tried to like Macfadyen, really did, but I felt somehow that he didn't get it. Actually, I felt the whole movie didn't get it, so perhaps it wasn't his fault. :)

And while it's not an P&P adaption, I did also enjoy Elliot Cowan as Mr. Darcy in Lost in Austen.

Heather said...

Colin Firth is my favorite!
I was attending a school in England on exchange and watched it as a BBC mini-series (1995). Eventually it made it's way over the pond to the USA. Then I made my fiance watch it - after 4 hours he wanted to know what he got himself into.

Jennifer said...

I adore Pride and Prejudice. The only movie version of the novel I have ever cared for is the one with Laurence Olivier as Mr. Darcy.

Carolyn Crane said...

Oh, agreed, Colin Firth! But now, what is with this special American ending!! I didn't realize that.

Also, all these paranormal Jane Austens? Like the zombies one? Idk, they feel so gimmicky.

Michelle said...

I watched both the mini series with Colin Firth and the '05 movie with Matthew Macfadyen and after much, much thought (because I loved both versions and both actors) I'd have to go with Matthew Macfadyen. It's just that I see Colin Firth more like a "dad" Mr. Darcy (if that makes any sense? maybe because I'm 22? i don't know).

now, I'm really curious about the ending in the UK and the rest of the world version of the '05 film. how did it end? there was no kiss? because that's one of my favorite scene :)

rubylovesadventure said...

Many thanks for this review!
Our book club is going to host a Pride & Prejudice session this October and it's been a while since I've read the book.

Nevertheless, I loved the characters of the classic novel and I cannot wait to read a novel that was based on Pride & Prejudice -- I'm thinking of reading Me & Mr. Darcy or Bridget Jones' Diary.

Vee said...

Hi everyone!
Loads of great reasons why everyone has their own fav!
I have read all of JA's books and watched everyone of any adaptation that has ever been made.
I studied P&P in High School in 1980! And I fell in love with David Rintoul's Darcy for many years until Colin Firth's awesome portrayal as everything I'd ever imagined Darcy to be. Tall handsome dark haired. Aloof and totally tongue tied around a vivacious Lizzy!
Matthew Macfadyen I think has given us a new dimension to Darcy, particularly the vulnerability. I think given the chance to shine in a six hour miniseries he would be awesome too!
I love Elliot Cowan's Darcy. I truly agree with all of you that have loved them all and appreciated what each actor has given the role.
My all time favourite Lizzy will always be Elizabeth Garvie in the 1980 version. I think she captures the very essence of Lizzy.
TSBO devotee

CrystalGB said...

Colin Firth is my choice for Mr. Darcy.


Neas Nuttiness said...

Watched and loved them both ;-)

ibeeeg said...

The BBC mini-series version all the way for me...I so love this one!

Yet, I must agree with you when you said:
{{ The movie is watched in a short time and gives the same amount of gratification.}}
Maybe not the same amount in gratification but pretty good considering the time constraints.

I am now, recently through out "conversation", am approaching book to movie viewing with a more open mind with the idea of enjoying the movie if it keeps to the "emotion and feeling that reading the book" gave me. Thanks for that helpful input/insight.

My favorite Mr. Darcy?
Hands down, Colin Firth!!!

Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Ibeeeg, I'm so glad and I hope you enjoy some books to movies a little more, at least some of them. I went and saw Young Victoria yesterday with Teddyree and we both loved it. I wish there was a book for this movie so I could read it!

The Book Resort said...

I have to join in on the books to movies challenge, too.

Thanks for giving me more goodies to my book list.