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Friday, July 17, 2009

Lovin Friday

One is an air fairy, a Player in one of Shakespeare's plays. The other is an orphan, living in a theatre. When you add two of the most mischievous characters to ever come into creation together, you get nothing but an uncontrollable hot burst of steamin' hot air, funky dialogue and a heck load of sparkling spiciness. Let's welcome to the stage, Ariel and Bertie from Eyes Like Stars!

"I'm a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Care to join me?"

A moment passed in which she thought he'd refuse, then-

"How could I resist such an invitation?"

"Glad to hear it," Bertie said with an unintentional sway. She righted herself even as Ariel's arms appeared around her. Her right hand sought out his left, and she wrapped her other arm around his neck.

"Just what," he asked, "do you think you're doing now?"

Bertie tossed her hair so that it flicked him in the face before falling over her shoulders in a messy blue tangle. "Dancing with you, unless I'm much mistaken."

"I think it's customary for the man to lead," he said. The only thing that moved was his left eyebrow, which slid up about an inch.

"How did I know you would say that?" Skilled fingers strummed the unseen strings of a guitar. Castenets beckoned, and Bertie wanted to snap her fingers, stomp her feet, clap her hands. "Lead on, pretty boy."

Ariel gave her a look that contained a lot of something, but he didn't say a word. Instead, he adjusted her arms with light touches of his hands, all the while keeping his upper body pressed to hers.

"This song comes from the center," he said. "So we'll move the center first."

"The center of what?" The butterflies drifted out of his hair as he leaned over her. They fluttered through Bertie's already swimming head, brushed over something dark and sleeping, and roused it from slumber.

Ariel tapped her lightly on the small of her back. "The center of you."

"My cream filling?" she suggested.

There was a moment of complete stillness and silent contemplations before Ariel smiled. "Yes, Bertie. Move your cream filling first, and your feet will follow."
Duchess of the Dark
Maharani of Mayhem and Mysteries

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Witch Baby said...

LOL. I love it, move your cream filling first!!! Great line!!