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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blood Dreams by Kay Hooper

Genre: Suspense / Thriller

Copyright: December 2007

Pages: 321

Rating 4 Crowns

Dani Justice has dreams. Unlike your everyday dreams, Dani's have a tendency to come true and she's had the same dream half a dozen times by the point she's visiting her twin sister in a small town outside Atlanta, Georgia. Both women have been approached by FBI Special Agent Noah Bishop and his wife, not to work on his government team, but to be part of the new civilian team of investigators with special abilities, known as Haven.

Bishop's Special Crimes Unit has brought in Haven psychics to assist with locating a serial killer who was first discovered after he killed a dozen women in Boston, including the daughter of a US senator. After the police and media frenzy, the killer disappeared, making it much harder for law enforcement to track him. The psychics in Bishop's network believe the killer has headed to the Atlanta area, but without any corroborating evidence, Bishop's team is under orders to stay in the Boston area. As a civilian organization, Haven can unofficially pick up the search further south.

Dani has come back to the town she grew up in to be with her sister who is recovering from a divorce. She can't ignore her dreams, however, and shares her concerns with childhood friend Marc Purcell when she runs into him downtown. Marc is now the sheriff, but grew up hearing about Dani's dreams and believes in her abilities. Despite them parting on less than ideal terms years ago, he wants Dani to share her warnings with him and re-open the old connection that let him share her dreams.

Despite his misgivings, Marc is willing to work with Dani and Haven to investigate the murdered women who have started appearing in his small town. Dani is finding that she can rely, not only on her twin sister, but the man she left to move to the big city years before. What she's beginning to doubt is her own abilities, especially once she starts hearing the killer's voice inside her head.

This is the first book in Kay's most recent trilogy. Although it has its own resolution, Kay's website describes it as the first true trilogy of her suspense writing, meaning that the story arc continues in Blood Sins, released in December 2008, and then in Blood Ties.

You can visit Kay Hooper's author site and buy copies from the independent bookstore she co-owns, Fireside Books and Gifts. The sequel, Blood Sins, is next on my reading list.

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The Book Resort said...

I absolutely LOVE Kay's books & the Bishop series is fab.

LOVED Whisper of Evil!

Gr8 review :].

Teddyree said...

I do like the romantic suspense genre, but I don't think I've actually read a Kay Hooper novel (oops) This one does sound good though and I like that it's a trilogy.