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Friday, June 19, 2009

Stroke Of Genius by Emily Bryan

Today, our last day of 'Emily Bryan Week, Emily will be sharing a little about Stroke Of Genius -

A brilliant artist, Crispin Hawke disdains the Beau Monde so thoroughly, he thinks it'll be fun to help a Bostonian heiress bag a titled husband.
When he starts to wish he were the object of her affection, the fun and games are only beginning.

I’m proceeding a little differently with my current WIP STROKE OF GENIUS (due out summer 2010). For one thing, this is the first time I’ve had an actual picture of my hero instead of just the one in my head. I’d imagined Crispin Hawke, my ‘tortured artist’ hero, as darkly handsome. Imagine my surprise when I actually walked past him at the Romantic Times Convention in Orlando! Well, not him in person, but there he was in this fabulous portrait at the Fortin & Sanders booth.

Another thing that’s different about STROKE OF GENIUS is that I’m flying without a net. Usually I sell a book on a “partial,” which means my editor has seen the first 3 chapters and a very detailed synopsis. I sold STROKE OF GENIUS on the title and a two sentence blurb.

A brilliant artist, Crispin Hawke disdains the Beau Monde of London so thoroughly, he thinks it'll be fun to help a Bostonian heiress bag a titled husband.

When he starts to wish he were the object of her affection, the game is just beginning.

So I don’t have a roadmap for this book, just a very general idea of where I’m heading. I’m “pantsing” it—writing by the seat of my pants—for a change.
And lastly, I’m giving my readers a chance to take part in how this story grows. I’m running a Name a Character Contest to decide what to call our hero Crispin’s friend and manservant.

Please help me by visiting my website and sending in your suggestion for this important character’s name! The winner will receive signed copies of my entire backlist PLUS a special “thank you” on the acknowledgment page of STROKE OF GENIUS!

Sorry everyone, Emily's Stroke of Genius/Name a Character Contest widget that was supposed to be on this post is MIA so the button above is courtesy of Bobbie from Book Reviews By Bobbie

Thanks Emily, all the best with Stroke of Genius!

I have had an absolute ball hosting this week and I hope you've had just as much fun learning more about historical romance author Emily Bryan. I cannot thank Emily enough for her generosity in time & spirit and a huge thank you also to our readers; your comments, questions & excitement have made Emily feel welcome 'down under' and contributed to an AWESOME week!

Don't forget Emily was first published under her real name Diana Groe. I am only a few chapters in to Silk Dreams (Diana's 3rd novel) but you can visit my blog The Eclectic Reader to see a review in the next week or two.

All good things must come to an end, and today concludes Emily Bryan Week. Au revoir Emily, we hope you've enjoyed your cyber holiday in Australia and we look forward to your up-coming releases.

Stay in touch with Emily by visiting her website and blog

Leave a comment, a question, highlight of the week ~ you'll be entered in today's draw for one of Emily's books.

Day 7 winner - Kate

Day 6 winner - Heather D

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Jane said...

Thanks for a fabulous week, Emily and Royal Reviews. I'm going to have to think of some names so that I can enter the contest.

NotNessie said...

I have an award for you: http://ultimatebookhound.blogspot.com/2009/06/bit-about-me-awards.html

ibeeeg said...

Very cool to have name contest. Gosh...I am going to have to get my thoughts flowing with names...

An AWESOME week this was!
Thanks to Emily and Royal Reviews for this fabulous week.
I really enjoyed each post.

booklover1335 said...

Thanks Emily & Royal Reviewers for having this event. I loved coming back each day to see what Emily would be blogging about today.

I've already entered the name contest (like mine alot) and was a ton of fun. Such a great way to get the readers involved in an upcoming release. Best luck to all!!

CrystalGB said...

Thanks for the great week. I have enjoyed all of Emily's posts. I submitted my entry for Emily's contest.

Heather D said...

Thanks for the great week Emily and Royal Reviews.

I have been checking the name list about every two days. I don't envy you, Emily, having to choose from so many really great names. Best of luck with Stroke of Genius. See you state side!!

etirv said...

Mahalo Emily & Royal Reviews! What a fun week this has been and a pleasure to get to know Emily!

Emily: How do you treat yourself or celebrate after you finish a novel or when a novel gets published?

Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Emily, it must be nice that you've built that relationship with your publisher that you can now have the freedom to create. Stroke of Genius sounds like a historical romance I'd like. I've always enjoyed american historical romances.

Thanks so much for such a wonderful week her at Royal. We hope you'll come back for the release of Stroke of Genius.

housemouse88 said...

Just wanted to say I finished reading "Vexing a Viscount" and I can't wait for your next release. It has been great reading your blogs this week. Have a great day.

EmilyBryan said...

Jane--I'll watch for your entry! Please tell your friends. The more the merrier.

Nessie--The Royals definitely deserve a blog award. Thank you, your Highnesses for having me here!

ibeeeg--POp over to www.emilybryan.com and read an excerpt from STROKE OF GENIUS to get the creative juices flowing and then submit your name!

Booklover--It was lovely to see the returning crew each day. Like a bunch of us gathering for coffee around the Empress' table. Good luck in the contest!

Chrystal--thanks for your entry! I have the most creative readers on the planet!

Heather D--I'm going to enlist some help when its time to narrow the field. I'll draft my critique partners, my beta reader and probably my editor to whittle the list down to the top ten. THEN I'll rely on my readers again to vote till August 1st for the Grand Winner! (People who vote will be entered in a drawing for a whole box of books!) I want to keep the fun rolling!

Etriv--Aloha, yourself. Guess I'll be passing by the islands on my way back to the mainland. I still go to Hana in my mind almost every day!

Alaine--I've been blessed with terrific editorial support from the beginning. Now I get to really play with a story premise as it deserves to be played with!

And thank you for your support here on Royal Reviews. I've had a lovely time!

CheekyGirl said...

Thank you so much for hosting Emily this week! Love the blog!

Sharon said...

Thanks for a fun week! I enjoyed getting to know about Emily (Diane) and her books. I went and placed an entry in the name a character contest.

EmilyBryan said...

Hi again, Cheeky!

Thanks, Sharon! I appreciate the name entry.

Anonymous said...

Have entered your "name the character contest." There are some very good entries. Read the excerpt and it sounds like it will be avery good book.
The picture of Crispin is wonderful. I'd buy the book based on that for a cover and the 2 sentence blurb you sent the publisher.
Have enjoyed following you on this blog.
Nice site, Ladies!

Blodeuedd said...

Thanks for visiting Emily :D It has been fun, and I do love reading about books and getting an insight.

Hm name the character, could be fun, I must think of something great

EmilyBryan said...

Library Pat--I have no say in the cover art, though I have passed this splendid pic on to my editor. Those decisions are above my pay grade.

Blodeuedd--I'll watch for your name entry! I've been getting some great ones, but there's always room for more!

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Thanks Royal Reviews and Emily for visiting, it's been fun getting to know a new author. Great cover art and tidbits. I'll be looking to try some of your books.

Dottie :)

Kate said...

The contest sounds great. I loved the week :)

The Book Resort said...

Thanks to Emily & all the fabulous ladies @ RR for a fun week!

EmilyBryan said...

Dottie, Kate, Book Resort oh, heck, everybody who stopped by this week: Thanks for sharing your time and thoughts with me! Congrats to the winners (I'll be in touch as soon as I have the complete list from the Empress!)

Your Highnesses,

Thanks for having me! I have noised about to all my author friends what a delight you've made this week for me. If ever I make it Down Under for real, we have to "do lunch!"

Hugs all around!

Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Hi Emily, thank you so much for coming to play with us. It was great having you!

Teddyree said...

Em, winners details are on the way.
Would love to 'do lunch' if you ever come to Oz