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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lovin Friday

On Lovin' Fridays, we post an excerpt from a novel with a declaration of love or a marriage proposal that gave us the warm and fuzzies, made us laugh, made us cry or made us think.

This week's Lovin' Friday extract is between two of the most mis-matched lovers around! Although there's a sizzlin undercurrent of sexual chemistry, these two can hardly stand each other. One's a shoe-loving vampire queen, the other is a power-hungry, intelligent stud. They are Betsy and Sinclair and this is Undead and Unwed by Mary Janice Davidson:

(after giving betsy boxes of brand new designer shoes)

"What a pity you can't keep them." Sinclair sighed theatrically and motioned to Dennis, who started putting the lids back on the boxes.

I nearly wept. "What? Why?"

"Well...you're so adamant about not helping us. Not being a kingmaker, as you put it. Very wise and practical, but of course useless for our purposes. Thus, Plan B must be put into effect. Perhaps Nostro will accept these as a token of peace?"

Nostro? Nostro putting his nasty clammy fingers all over the buttery soft suede, the delicate embroidery? Giving the to Shanara? Using them for the Friends to play fetch? Never, never, never!"

"Don't touch! Bad vampire!" I snapped, and Dennis froze in mid-reach. "I'll help you. And I get to keep the shoes."

"Done and done." Sinclair said, his lips twitching as he tried not to smirk. I'm sure he thought I was vain and weak-willed and a complete idiot. Who cared? I was a vain weak-willed idiot with the season's coolest shoes.

I jumped off the chair, flung my arms around Sinclair, and kissed him full on the mouth. He was so surprised I nearly toppled him over. "Do I get a bonus pair if we settle Noseo's hash tonight?" I asked, peeking up into his dark, dark, eyes.

"Kiss me liked that again and I'll buy you a baker's dozen."

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NotNessie said...

lol. I think this is especially funny when it's out of context.

Jenny Girl said...

OMG gals! Not a baker's dozen?! lol

The Book Resort said...

Baker's Dozen, huh? Funny.