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Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Heretic Queen Giveaway!

There are precious few things that make these three book blogger happier than giving away a copy of one of our favourite books!

So you can imagine us all doing the happy dance right now when I tell you that thanks to the lovely Michelle Moran, we're delighted to be running a giveaway for 2 hardcover copies of The Heretic Queen!

1. Leave a comment on this post for one entry.

2. Become a follower of this blog for 5 additional entries. If you already follow, let me know in your comment.

3. Post about this give-away on your blog for yet another extra entry.

4. Please leave an email address or ensure you are contactable via your blog.

This giveaway IS open to international residents. The winner will be chosen at random and announced Sunday 31st May 2009 12:00pm AEST via a blog post.

The Top 3 Reasons we LOVE Michelle Moran:

3) She has a fantastic web presence and is always friendly and warm. Michelle keeps up a blog, History Buff, and has a wonderful official website where readers can learn plenty more about her books and gain access to cool extras (such as a book trailer for her upcoming release, Cleopatra's Daughter).

2) She does her research and has a keen interest in the time periods she writes about. Michelle has worked as a volunteer archaeologist and her creative motivation to write Nefertiti actually came from her travels.

And the number 1 reason we love her....

1) Her books are highly addictive, excellent fiction. We guarantee you'll love them even if you're not a historical fiction fan. This author breathes life into history.

Why you want to win this book:

As much as we all loved Nefertiti, after finishing The Heretic Queen, it became our immediate favourite. THQ has all the elements that we loved from the first novel - seduction, deception, power struggles and violence - combined with the amazing love story of Nefertari and Rameses the Great. Here's what we had to say about it in our reviews:

'Soak it up - this is entertainment at its best! Michelle Moran's second novel is an enthralling read that will have you frantically turning pages, completely absorbed in the world she has created for you.' The Fussy Princess

'Loved it, loved it, loved it. I don't normally gush about a novel but I enjoyed this even more than 'Nefertiti' & I really didn't want it to end. It was a vivid, captivating page-turner and I thoroughly enjoyed being immersed in the Ancient Egyptian world.' The Empress of Good & Evil

'I loved the character of Nefertari, and I enjoyed seeing her mature throughout the novel. At the beginning of the novel, my heart went out to this young, orphaned girl. She was facing so much adversity and could have easily given up on her dreams; however because of her love for Ramses the Great, as well as her desire to preserve her family's name, she never gave up and constantly fought for her place in history.' The Queen of Happy Endings
Good luck!


Unknown said...

I'd love to win a copy of this one. From what you girls are saying it sounds like a wonderful read.

I am also your follower.


Tricia said...

I'd love to win this one!
I'm a follower too. :)

Unknown said...

This book sounds perfect for me, this is my favorite period in Egyptian history, and I had been looking at the Cleopatra book. I am a follower and I posted about this giveaway on my blog. http://themaidenscourt.blogspot.com/


Unknown said...

Looks fascinating. I'm already a follower of the blog, and you bet I'm going to be spreading the news about this contest.


ibeeeg said...

This book is on my TBR list...would love to win it.

I follow this blog via GoogleReader.


Terry said...

I would love to win this book. I really liked NEFERTITI but haven't been able to get my hands on this one yet. Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway. I am a follower.

tmrtini at gmail dot com

LibraryGirl said...

I haven't read anything by this author but this sounds like a really good book.

I just found your blog today and am enjoying checking it out. I also became a follower.

angela.donner (at) gmail.com

the Author said...

Egypt + fiction = enough to make me want to read this book!

I'm a follower and I also posted about it on my blog.


Vanessa said...

Please count me in. I'm a follower. gypsyrover21(at)yahoo(dot)ca

Charline Ratcliff said...

I'm a huge history buff, my favorite being Egyptian history and my favorite person is Egyptian history is Queen Nefertiti. The Heretic Queen sounds like a fantastic read...I would definitely enjoy winning a copy!

I also subscribed to this feed as I would like to see what else is said about the book.

Charline Ratcliff, Author

Vinagrinhos said...

May I enter too? I just became a follower. Thanks!

Josette said...

Hi there, I'd love to join this giveaway. I just became a follower of this blog! I've also blogged about the giveaway here.



EJG said...

I'd love to win a copy please enter me in the giveaway.

I'm already a follower.


Belinda M said...

I would love to win this. Please enter me in your giveaway

"Canadian Contests, Freebies, Coupons, Deals, Games and Fun:

Belinda M said...

I am a new follower

"Canadian Contests, Freebies, Coupons, Deals, Games and Fun:

Gaby317 said...

I've never read anything by Michelle Moran and this sounds so good!!

Count me in please.

gaby317nyc AT gmail DOT com

Gaby317 said...

i've just become a follower as well

and i've posted a link to this contest on my blog's sideroll


gaby317nyc AT gmail DOT com

Caffey said...

Oh one I'd love to read. I'm now following you and going to put this one my blog. Going to see if you have an icon for my side bar too for those to click anytime to come over. I've never read Michelle Moran and just checked out her site and saw what I'm missing!

tbranxiety @ yahoo . com

Unknown said...

Ok Ladies You have me hooked.

I'm already a follower: csmorehouse@aol.com.

Tommorow I'll be posting about The Hectic Queen Giveaway, too.

You can catch me either at the above email or commenting on my blogs.

All the best and happy writing, Christine

Gwendolyn B. said...

This has been on my Wish List too long! Please make my wish come true!
Thanks for the chance.

geebee.reads AT gmail DOT com

Gwendolyn B. said...

And, I'm a Follower!

geebee.reads AT gmail DOT com

BurtonBookReview said...

Please enter me for this.. I have had this one on my Wishlist for awhile.
I am a follower.
MarieBurton2004 at yahoo dot com

Thanks very much!

FleurDeMar said...

Hi there. I would love to enter. I'm a follower and I put a link on my blog :)



Penny said...

This book is on my TBR list, so I would love to win a copy! Also, I just became a follower. (Yay, more entries!) Thanks.

jamesandpennym AT gmail DOT com

Carlene said...

Please include me in your giveaway.

+5 I am now a follower.


Anonymous said...

I'd love a chance to win a copy! I love historical fiction, so I know I'll love this book. I haven't read many about Egyptian history though, and ever since I was a child I've been fascinated with Egypt.

I'm a new follower.

jaam121388 at yahoo dot com

Susan Higginbotham said...

I'm following you, and this one's definitely one I want to read! I really enjoyed Moran's other novels.

L said...

I'd love to win this!Enter me please.

I'm a follower.


Shannansbooks said...

I would love to win this book. I am a follower.

My email address is Shannanusar(at)aol(dot)com

Valorie said...

I'd love a chance to win!

I follow.

I also blogged: http://www.morbid-romantic.net/2009/05/25/book-giveaways-0525-0531/


Kitten22 said...

This looks great! Please enter me!


Kitten22 said...

I'm a subscriber (through Google Reader)!


CherylS22 said...

+1 I'd love to win this book - please count me in!

+5 I just became a follower


Rachel said...

I'm a follower! Thanks for the giveaway!


Amanda said...

Oh I'd love to win this. Michelle Moran rocks! And I just subscribed to your blog. Thanks!

Melissa said...

I would love to win this one. Thanks for the chance!

Cinnamon said...

This looks fantastic.

I follow and the link is here: http://ajourneyofbooks.blogspot.com/2009/04/contest-list.html!


Sheri S. said...

I've heard such amazing things about this book - I'd love to be entered!

I also follow your blog :)

bookopolis at live dot com

Books said...

This sounds like an awesome read!

I'm a follower AND I'm going to post about this on my sidebar!


Linda Nguyen said...

yay! A giveaway! Please count me in!

lindanmc (at) hotmail.com

Linda Nguyen said...

I'm also following. =)

lindanmc (at) hotmail.com

Aik said...

I love to read stories about ancient Egyptians.


Aik said...

I'm following your blog.


Unknown said...

I'd love to win a copy. Please enter me.

Julie said...
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budletsmom said...
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