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Saturday, March 7, 2009

From Dead to Worse by Charlaine Harris

Copyright: 2008
Pages: 359

Firstly it was with much sadness that I finished the series to date. The next book, Dead and Gone (find chapter one here) is due out in May 2009. I have absolutely loved this series of books, and I love listening to Sookie. This book is different to the others, each of the previous books followed a main storyline, built up the suspense, some kind of conclusion and left a little hanging. I've read a few reviews that said this one wasn't as good because it didn't have one storyline, rather it seemed to have several. But I enjoyed this, it was a nice change.

That said, I am getting to the stage where I want Sookie to at least find her 'true love' and have a period of happiness. She has been through a lot and I think she really needs to just feel happy with a man. If things keep going the way they are I think she'll loss all faith in love and romance. I think it was only the first book when she was with Bill that she had any period of happiness. Come on Ms Harris, she reads romance novels, let her have a little love and romance.

In this book, Sookie finds out about her connection to the 'supernatural', meets a few more relatives including a little boy just like her and finds herself alone once again. Her brother shows what a selfish '#%*&' he is and the were's have a change of power as do the vamps. Eric remembers their brief time together but that storyline doesn't go anywhere else. I presume there will be more to come in future books.

At the end of this book I felt sad, not just because it was the last book to date but because Sookie was sad. She really had no joy or happiness in this book. Time for a change for her, in my opinion.
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