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Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Love Knot by Elizabeth Chadwick

The Love KnotPublished: 1999
Pages: 480

What a fantastic book! I loved this book so much that I can see myself reading it again. It is one of the most beautiful love stories I've ever read set in an amazing time in history. The way in which Chadwick brings this period in history to life is remarkable. I especially loved that the heroin was a midwife and healer.

Summer in the year 1140, Oliver and Catrin are drawn together through the horrors of civil war; their love grows but is threatened. Oliver is taken prisoner and Catrin returns to the husband she mistakenly thought had died in battle. Torn between love and loyalty this is a story that will have you turning the pages quickly wanting to find out what happens next.

Whilst the love story between Oliver and Catrin is in itself captivating, equally so is the history going on in the background. This is the time just prior to the Plantagenet’s coming to the throne in England. Henry is a boy and as a secondary character we are given insight into his personality.

This is a great read that I recommend to all lovers of historical fiction.

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Teddyree said...

So glad you liked it, now you are an Elizabeth Chadwick fan too LOL -just have to convince Annie next.

Marg said...

Elizabeth Chadwick is one of my favourite authors! I am slowly working my way through her backlist at the moment.

Teddy Rose said...

I have several of Elizabeth Chadwick's books on my TBR but haven't read even one yet. LOL! Here's another one that goes on my TBR.

Alaine said...

I now have all of her books. This was only the second one I've read but I can't wait to read more!

Marg said...

Teddy, I want you to take this in the nicest possible way, but WHAT are you waiting for??

Read some Chadwick!

Teddy Rose said...

LOL Marg,

I know I should but first I need to dig out of this ARC mountain I've created!

Teddyree said...


Teddyrose & Marg, too funny!

I'm tossing up whether to read the follow on from The Greatest Knight (which I loved) The Scarlet Lion or move on to The Time of Singing or... maybe The Wild Hunt, ughh too many choices.

Marg said...

You can't do wrong with any of them really. If I had to choose, I would go with The Scarlet Lion or The Time of Singing. Actually, probably Scarlet Lion.