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Friday, August 15, 2008

Claiming the Courtesan by Anna Campbell

Claiming the Courtesan is no fluffy romance. It centres on Justin, The Duke of Kylemore and Soraya one of London's most celebrated courtesans. Atypical characters, ones that make for a complex and sometimes dark read (which I do enjoy).

Kylemore has spent the past year enjoying the fruits of a five-year pursuit of Soraya aka Verity Ashton but things get twisted when Verity completes her contractual obligations with Kylemore and tries to put her life as a courtesan behind her.

There is a rape or forced seduction scene (depending on your view) but Campbell doesn't shy away from the unsavory aspects of Justin's character or the gritty disparity between the emotional and physical effects on Verity.

Campbell did something that I liked and found quite interesting in this novel by having Justin refuse to judge Verity for her past: “Verity is sweet and virtuous and Soraya is a woman who goes after what she wants without regret and fear. Those two women unite in you.”

I thoroughly enjoyed this debut novel.

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