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Friday, October 3, 2008

The Wise Woman by Philippa Gregory

For those of you who are addicted to Philippa Gregory's Tudor novels you may be disappointed, as this book is not about any Royals. It is however set in the time of Henry VIII but is about one of his Lords who does not attend court.

Mostly of course it is about a girl/woman and her delving into the black arts of magic. They call her the Wisewoman, but I would hardly think she was very wise. Rather a selfish spoiled teenager who thought the world owed her. The story was a little to predictable for me to really enjoy it. It took me months to read this book. My daughter nagged me to give it up and read something else and my best friend nagged me to keep reading it because she loved it (I did read a Nicholas Sparks in the middle of it). Yet despite all this I did go back to it and I kept going back and reading a few pages at a time. I am glad I finished it although not because it was that good, rather that it feels like a small kind of accomplishment.
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