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Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Heart of the Lion by Jean Plaidy

At the age of thirty-two, Richard the Lionheart has finally succeeded Henry II to the English throne. And, against his father's wishes, he intends to make Berengaria, daughter of the Kind of Navarre, his Queen. But first he must fulfil his vow to his country to win back Jerusalem for the Christian world. Leaving England to begin his crusade.

The book was so bad that the above is some of the book blurb, not all of it because it is incorrect. The back blurb say that 'Richard entrusts his kingdom to his brother, John', but he left his mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine with his kingdom. I have to say that this was the worst book in the Plantagenet series that I've read so far. If I wasn't in a couple of reading challenges I wouldn't have bothered to finish it. But I am so glad it is over! There was very little to hold my interest, this book lacked any intrigue that the others had, it was mainly about the crusade and the fighting and that wasn't written well enough to be interesting. I wonder if Jean Plaidy didn't care much for Richard the Lionheart and therefor had difficulty writing about him. Hopefully the next book will be better, but I will look for other books about Richard because he is such a famous historical character. I also wonder if this incredible fighting machine was gay as Jean Plaidy says he is. Although I think this book has put me off history for a while. I actually read two books below whilst reading this to break the boredom.

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