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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Don’t Want To Miss A Thing by Jill Mansell


jill mansellTitle: Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

Author: Jill Mansell

ISBN: 978-1-4022-83900

Formats available: Trade Paperback $14.00, E-Book $14.00

How I Read It: Trade Paperback ARC from Publisher

Rating: 5 Crowns—A Royal Read

He knows all about women, or so he thought...

Dexter Yates leads a charmed existence in London, with money, looks, and girlfriends galore. Life's fantastic until Dex's sister dies and his world changes overnight. Astonishing everyone, including himself, Dex leaves the city behind, takes charge of his eight-month-old niece Delphi, moves to a beautiful Cotswolds village, and sets about working on his parenting skills. His neighbors, including cartoonist Molly Hayes, seem friendly enough—but Dex can't shake the notion that he's missing something important. (taken from the back of the arc)

My Thoughts:

Jill Mansell is the queen of British chick lit…and I simply cannot get enough of her writing!

Dexter Yates is the type of guy who, no doubt, has stacks of little black books filled with women’s names and numbers. Never one to settle down, he grows bored after a few nights of their company and moves on to his next conquest. When his sister unexpectedly dies and leaves him guardianship of his eight-month-old niece, Delphi, Dexter gives up his fast-track London life for the more relaxed setting of a Cotswolds village and soon finds that perhaps the woman-next-door is worth settling down for.

There is no denying that cartoonist Molly Hayes is attracted to her new neighbor but she knows enough about Dexter to know that she should guard her heart. But between babysitting for him and lending a friendly ear, the lines between friends and lovers and becoming blurred.

Mixed in along the way are several secondary stories that are just as thrilling as the story of Dexter and Molly.

With Dexter being a playboy, it would have been very easy not to like him, yet the way he was wrote instantly makes the reader fall in love with him. I found him charming and engaging and I truly wanted him to succeed. Molly was just as endearing. Her reasons for not fully trusting Dex in the beginning were valid—anyone would feel the same.

What I loved most about Don’t Want To Miss A Thing was that Jill Mansell showed the story rather than just telling the story. It was almost as though you were right there in the mix of things as they unfolded and that’s what makes Jill Mansell’s novel worth reading and rereading, plus her characters are realistically flawed and completely loveable.

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